Top 5 favorite Cinematic Characters (non animated)

I wanted to post something and I wanted to post something that I am passionate about. That would be movies. And I wanted to post something that I also really love in movies, which is characters. Wow this really sounds like a 5 year old wrote this. I like movie and character in it. Imma just get into it

  1. Jack Sparrow (Pirates Of The Carribean)
    Shut up, I like Jack Sparrow… Yes even in the last movie. I cant stand to not like him. Ive always enjoyed how he is always entertaining and how he always gets into some big situation and how its mostly crazy. And even though hes a pirate, he can be selfless towards people he cares about and you can see his emotions pretty well even from being a drunk and even though he IS a drunk, hes very smart as a drunk. I mean alot of people really started to hate him, but I still think he’s the only reason people really want to go see the movies. He’s also one of my favorite things in the movies.

  2. Alita (Alita: Battle Angel)
    You want a badass character who goes through a shit ton of emotions that you can read clearly, and she turns innocent cute girl to badass and all her motives make a shit ton of sense and she goes around kicking ass of people who deserve it and somehow make fucking epic and something youve never seen before? You will fall in love with Alita. Shes absolutely insanely great and even though shes a badass, she has hard hitting emotions that she tries to control, and it motivates her alot to do what she does, and i really enjoy that about a character and shes not dumb about it either, shes extremely smart about everything she’s doing, and quickly hit my heart hard because you can do nothing but love her. Gosh I dont wanna spoil anything but you will love her if youre into badasses who cuts limbs off in ways youve never seen it before and somehow in the next scene shes cute as heck. Please go see her if you can, shes great, and you will love it.

  3. Starlord (Guardians Of The Galaxy)
    I have a soft spot for Chris Pratt, yes. I want to marry him. But i’d rather marry Starlord. Starlord is a great character who really builds alot throughout the three movies he is in. Yeah his emotions can get the best of him, but hey thats pretty human if you tell me. He lost alot in his life and his own dad is a huge dick and he had to fight him. I dont know how I would feel about losing anyone after having to do all of that. Also hes charming, hes badass, and hes hella cool. So yeah i like Starlord alot. And chris pratts muscles. UwU

  4. Walter Mitty (The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty)
    In a way I really wish I did something like Walter Mitty and in a way I can relate to him a lot. Its a character who breaks out of his shell and stops dreaming and makes what he wants to do a reality which makes him stop day dreaming all the time. I think it’s a beautiful character and you can see how much he changes and he becomes different because he is finally being what he wants to be, and its for the better and I really enjoy that. It’s something I wish I could end up doing atleast, but I am sure people can really enjoy this character too.

  5. Truman Burbank (The Truman Show)
    I’ve always loved this movie and I love Truman. Well I also love Jim Carrey, and I think he definitely brings this character to life. When he figures out what is going on he wants to find a way off of it and nothing is going to stop him, because he wants to be back with the girl he fell in love with, even if it means defeating his biggest fear. I think thats beautiful, and I think hes a beautiful character. I love him. I dont know what else to say.

Honorable Mentions:
Nicholas Angel (Hot Fuzz)
You gotta love this guy in my opinion. He adapts to the surrounding area he is stuck in and tries to do best with it after awhile. He’s a strong worker and he ends up making a great friend, and he is passionate too. He also kicks an elderly ladies ass. Nice.

Tommy Wiseau (The Disaster Artist)
James Franco is the best tommy wiseau ever, and he perfectly shows that he trained for the role. I think this is a beautiful character and how he is potrayed even though its based off of a real person. I could just like this because of James Francos performance, but I still love it.

Bert (Mary Poppins)
You gotta love Bert. You cant hate Bert. Hes a happy chimney sweep with always a smile on his face. Hes great and if you hate him ill fight you.


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dang, good question!!

in no particular order:

  • Nicolas Angel (Hot Fuzz). i saw that you listed him, and i totally agree, because dang, this is one of my favorite movies of all time, and he really ties it all together. he’s just so cool and no-nonsense, plus it’s heartwarming to see him grow so much by the end of the film, especially through his relationship with Danny.

  • Moonee (The Florida Project). this movie destroyed me, both because of the plot, and because of how it reminded me that to matter what happens, kids are still kids. despite her strange living conditions, she’s still so imaginative, mischievous, and has such a zest for life, along with her other friends.

  • Viago (What We Do in the Shadows). i love Viago for so many reasons, but the biggest one is just how they’re able to make such a “nice” character while maintaining that, well, he’s a vampire, and kills people with little remorse. plus, Taika Waititi, HELLO

  • Matt Johnson (Operation Avalanche). he’s literally a self-insert of the director, but damn Matt is great in this. he’s a deeply flawed character, and makes a ton of mistakes, but sticks to his goals, and breaks the rules when he’s gotta. plus his friendship with Owen in this movie and The Dirties always makes me so emo

  • Paul Blart (Paul Blart: Mall Cop). nah i’m kidding

  • Amelie (Amelie). i love this movie and the main character so much!! the way it doesn’t start off with a real “plot”, but instead it forms around Amelie, but is all focused on the things she does for other people. but she still isn’t flawless-- she basically stalks a guy. yet that’s what makes her great!! despite appearing as the “manic pixie dream girl” trope, she comes to realize that sometimes she’s gotta do good things for herself, as well.

(also major thanks for making this topic!!)


Matilda (Matilda)
Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
Ivan Ooze (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie)
Jean Cabot (Crash 2004)
Duron Williams (Stomp the Yard)