Too many unnecessary /'s or #'s

there are too many unnecessary hashtags or /'s for example /Minecraft, /animalcrossing and /subwaysurfers shouldn’t exist because they would come under /gaming and why did they remove /comedy there should also be /creators instead of /lilpeep, /harrystyles @dom


I agree

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I’m guessing they’re moving away from the broader categories altogether.


From what I’ve heard they’re going to redo how the categories work altogether. So all of this is temporary.


tbh I like niche categories because it helps a user curate exactly what they want to see. I’m not a gamer (so I dont follow that category) but I loveeee animal crossing (so I follow that one)- and now I can see all the AC related bytes in one place instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack.

On the flip side I love 80s related stuff, so should there be an 80s category or maybe one just for retro or nostalgia? But like said above, if they are redoing the entire channels experience then it might be a moot point. Or is it moop?

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hopefully :pray:

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yeah, but it floods the explore page with the byte algorithm if you follow and like videos from creators about animal crossing it should show you more animal crossing videos making them more common in your /gaming

i mean i would still suggest the channel- we have no idea what the explore page overhaul will look like so :woman_shrugging:

they just updated the algorithm for ‘your mix’ so maybe your idea is already in the works

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