Too easy to fake “numbers of followers”, “verified byte users” in profile

I get it. People like the idea of being at the top. number of followers, verified sign are the tools to make people think you are the top. But now it is so easy to fake all these by putting statements in profile.

I can easily put i have 1 million followers, byte verified user, and save the profile…

So far we only have the beta tester icon for the beta testers. But what about some influencers who also get someone impersonal? What is byte’s plan in the future for that?


I have no idea what you could possibly be talking about

Seriously though, I do like the idea of some byte only icons like beta, verified, creator program, maybe even some medals for x # of loops, etc.

Maybe make them something the user can’t add, but they show up in an area of the profile?


Hey Tony,

Byte is working on that feature. You can check here.