Tokens (Giving & Recieving)

Got an idea.
How about you can gift tokens to one and other, they aren’t money, just little tokens of appreciation.

Giving a token:
People get one to gift once every week/month - idk - and they can gift it to their favourite creator. They can show their appreciation for their content.

Getting a token:
When you get a token, you get notified and your amount of tokens is displayed on your profile, like a little coin symbol and the amount next to your username. Getting enough tokens quickly you can get on trending or get bumped up by the alorithm.


Ahh nice!
If this happens everyone gift me tokens!

this is actually a really good idea, i like it not having monetary value, but sentimental?


sentimental and kinda algorithiminical (idek if thats a word, but i mean it improves who sees the creator) thanks


nice for anyone thats a fan of people as well because they get to be on the profile?

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idk, maybe if u click on the tokens then it lists who did it, first to last or top followers - like comments you know?

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This is a good idea. Bravo Sam.

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maybe not top by followers, maybe by times they’ve given them a token?


thanks :slight_smile:

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I thought at first that you were referring to real money and I was gonna say that I was against it buuuuut, now that I read your idea it’s actually cool and nice!


Thanks - I think some creators are corrupt with money, what are your opinions?

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Corruption is everywhere and it’s kinda hard to get out of it, mostly when you have the opportunity to keep gaining more and more money. It’s horrible and crappy but as I’ve said before, we can change stuff. So if you, or me or someone else that reads this ends up succeeding let’s at least US not be corrupted. (that’s my opinion but I need to get more informed)

I think Oevo had something like that🤔They were called Oevo coins and they could be converted into real money. I think that’s a great idea. It would give the audience a chance to support their favorite creators.
Who knows? Maybe @dom already thought of this.

would definitely like to see it not have any sort of monetary value if it happens.

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ay this is a great idea sammo!

hope dom can consider

give it a year and we will have


well you only get these once an allocated time, the only way they could do this is making tons of new accounts, you just find out where the accounts come from and see how u stop them being made without affecting a wide area.

Sounds like a nice idea to me :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea. It sounds like a like, but more meaningful towards your channel.

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Thanks :slight_smile: