Toggling between the following and your mix page

It would be wonderful, to be able to swipe from the ‘following’ page to the ‘your mix’ page or vice versa and be brought to where you left off, NOT the very beginning or top of the feed only. Or maybe an option to Switch one or the other off, which would make swiping left or right inconsequential?

After spending 2 hours scrolling through my ‘following’ page and engaging, then not swiping perfectly vertically, I get brought to that persistent ‘your mix’ page. So now if I want to get back to where I left off in my ‘following’ page, I’ve got to perfectly swipe vertically through hundreds of bytes to get there. I swipe correctly 99% of the time which means I’ll get brought back to that ‘your mix’ page several times before I even get back to where I left off. It is utterly amazing.

It’s like that scenario where you get pop up ads in your app and you have to tap that barely visible X perfectly in the center to close the ad. Instead, you just miss it and get brought to the App Store to buy it and you have to hit cancel because it already loaded it up for purchase.


This would be a small and appreciated addition for me too

I’m actually shocked that you have enough people to follow to scroll for 2 hours. Like… holy hell


I’m following between 200 and 300 people. I watch each byte posted at least 1 loop, 3 to 10 if I’m commenting or just taken in by it. Some people don’t post and some blow up your feed with a 10 post blast. I’d estimate an average of 30 seconds per post, about 200 posts, that’s about a 100 minutes if I don’t mess up and have to re-scroll and also never stopping to do something else etc.

I do get that not everyone bothers to engage every follower and instead will focus on content and finding new creators etc. For me my priority is supporting my followers and then making content then finding new people and stuff to interact with. Granted that could change later, but it would still be nice to choose to go to the beginning of a feed instead of always losing your place once you leave. In fact, if I go to a persons page then go back to my feed it puts me back where I was, so it should be possible I’d think.


Monday July 27th, 5 re-scrolls 3 hours, zero use of the forced “your mix” feed.


I can’t even get down my feed anymore!
I reported to no avail.
The few bytes I see that I heart by the brief time I’m chucked back to the top, the hearts have gone😞
Frustrating Af!

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A button to toggle your mix on/off is what’s needed. It’s still mostly just tik tok kids and there wall of texts, I would happily turn it off.


This happens to me too, a lot. Especially with the new influx of tiktok-like content, I really focus a lot more on the people I already chose to follow because they create the stuff I like. The My Mix page is a landfill of teens staring at the camera with a color filter and text on the screen or repeated sounds that I don’t find engaging.

I have literally taken to go through my list of following from my stats instead. I can’t scroll through my feed only to loose my spot and waste hours to get back


I might have to resort to this as well.

hump minus h and u and and then add b but realize that you only needed to subtract h and not the u as well so you add the u back in but that it is after the b that you just added after subtracting the h and u but remember that the u was a mistake subtraction, ok.

please have mercy on us swiping byte engagers and users for the love of dog

This is an actual problem. A vertical swipe should be a vertical swipe, every actual ass time.

How may I assist in facilitating a solution to this problem? Being part of the change seems neat to me right now.

That is some dedication!!! I have to go to the accounts I follow because their videos don’t often show up in my mix or following for some reason.

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oh the frustration! haha I cannot tell you how many bytes I lost because I accidentally swiped lol!

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Do you scroll with your right hand? Use your left, problem solved! I e not once had this issue.

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I’ve tried every hand (I have more than 1 :upside_down_face:), changed scroll behavior setting, tried ipad vs iphone, tried swiping at 15 to 30 degress to the left (it mockingly shows me slowly swiping down than just goes to your mix page anyways, it feels like i’m on the truman show)


it helps form ideas and inspiration etc, along with just supporting my peeps and the simple face to iphone screen time heroine ritual.

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Haha oh man that sounds frustrating as hell! I seriously would have to consciously scroll over to my mix for it to happen, don’t even wiggle a little bit between them. Good thumbs I guess :+1:

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The beta update seems to have also addressed this issue. Now the FOLLOWING and YOUR MIX tabs only show up when you swipe down. This means it should be more deliberate to switch between feeds. My waning sanity thanks this Byte team. Thank You