To the v2 teens/tweens

So I’m a teen and I’m just wondering about the age ranges that are going to be on here so anyone who’s a teen or in the their twenties comment down below just so I can have a look. Also feel free to comment whatever you want about what your opinion on our age becoming well known, what you’d like to see, etc

I’m a teen and I’m so glad that our generation gets a chance at v2 now because u feel if for shut down before people my age got a chance. Most viners are about twenty now and it’s sad to think that we never got a chance!


Turning 22 in March, and I feel like it’ll come naturally when v2 releases

I’m 18 and I hope I get my chance to make it big

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I am 14 years old. To find more people to converse with try this thread I have created.

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Also, another forum with peoples ages here :slight_smile:

How old is everybody?

A few users have thought of the same thing as you! :wink:
Check these out:

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Yeah, they’re all great :smile: