To the ones asking for Beta

I hope users asking to be beta testers know the kind of responsibility they’re asking for. Not just to gain some kind of traction for themselves. The whole idea of beta is to make it better for EVERYONE else apart from just yourself. Especially these days when everyone knows the kind of impact an app can make to the world and our daily living.

We’re getting closer to promised date. So, to the ones who would get to test it out firsthand, do remember the community.

Have a good midweek everyone :smiley:


yes! also, remember to report faults on the app to make everyone’s experience better!

Agreed. The whole point of being a beta tester is to actually test the app and make sure everything runs smoothly and to report any problems.

Oh definitely! It’s way more than just posting stuff early… gotta click all the buttons and run it like a QA test for video games where you basically see if you can break the app in any way possible lmao. Also testing the interface and seeing how it could possibly be more intuitive or anything else

Definitely agree.

I’m a social media marketer, and would love to be a beta tester! :slight_smile:

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It’s one of my hobbies to try and find all the glitches in games and tech anyway, so I would loooove to be a beta tester! It’s just so awesome to find all the little things and wonder if you are the first person to discover these little mistakes and fun quirks!

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I agree. :blush:

We’re getting closer to the promised date.

Did Dom announce the date yet, or that give update he mentioned? I’ve been looking around the forums and don’t see any new news. :fearful:

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I’m excited and thrilled!!!

yesss ! and beta testers, if the app seems to glitch or freeze, as to say, it isn’t your phone… so please please pLEASE report bugs !! good luck.