To the byte team that chose to use my video as today’s notification

Dear Byte team,

Today, you chose to send out my ‘visitor’ byte as today’s notification.

Because of your careless actions, a teenager added me on snapchat to tell me that I should delete my account.

I hope you’re happy : /


Jokes aside, to those who laughed, liked, followed etc, thank you.

It’s nice to see a small account like mine, who only posts 1-2 times a month, get recognition from the app team.

To those who didn’t laugh at my byte, congratulations! You have the proper maturity of a full grown adult.

I love you all, stay safe everyone❤️



Yes, my birth initials are in fact ‘N.O.’ thank you for being a true fan❤️



The bytes you post are GOLD

I love your bytes and when I first followed you I was bummed to see you only post a couple times a month. Stoked to see you get props like that! Noice

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I appreciate you man🥺

let’s make a video one day

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Time to smack a 12vie

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Did they ask permission before using it?

They didn’t send an email or anything, we’ll at least I didn’t get anything if they did.

When I got off work, I noticed a bunch of notifications from users commenting complaints about the notification they got for my video.

That’s how I found out lol

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Pretty cool