To the beta testers and the community :D

The past few days have been amazing with a lot of funny content being posted on the beta! Beta is now over and I wish for everyone to stay active, if you can of course. I understand alot of you fellows have lives outside of this but these past few days reminded me of the first couple of months of the forums and how active things were!

To all the beta testers, I hope you enjoyed the time posting bytes as much as I did. I just hope you stay active within the community because it is very good to see some old and new faces on here!

Thank you to the staff for everything that has lead up to this point. From teasing v2 to making something as cool as byte! I can not say how much the community thanks you!

Also, I hope you also join our discord if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


I just opened the app and I knew what to expect but I still felt sooooo empty looking at the black screen :sob:
But can’t agree more, it’s been a blast and thanks to the team for letting us be a part of this


this is facts


Overall how was the experience?

Were there a lot of concerning bugs and glitches ?

Did everything run smooth?

What do you reckon about the app does it have huge prospects to be as good if not even better than vine ?

Thank you for testing buddy :heart:

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It was what was I expected honestly lol can’t say much at all but it was fun