To much pressure than do it together (benafits for collaborating v2ing)

Hello, im KELLY george from and here are 3 things that collaborating helps with.

View flow - when you collab with someone they usually put your link or say for there viewers to go watch the video you guys made together witch in the end help you get you many views (especially is they are bigger than you)

Following - It will help you get followers especially if the person you are creating with has a different type of video, because not every one follows the same person they mite know about and then subscribe and a lot of people will come to follow if they aren’t used to your content so many new faces will appear and they mite realize they like you better

friend ship - you could collab with someone once and be done but if you become friends with that person you mite have done something wrong or your channel is having a dry spell they will collar with you anyways just to help out instead of for views

summery - it helps you get views, followers, and mite help you get back in the lime lite if you aren’t in it anymore or were never in it


If I had money…id pay to get a website made specifically for collabs. You can search platform (YouTube, twitch, instagram, etc.) Then search users, search location, and amount of followers. There is not one ive seen yet! (If anyone has the money to make this idea happen, let’s do it together…I have the setup and design already)

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Collaborations are great because it opens you up to followers you most likely didn’t have when the other person uploads a collaboration aswell

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right now I’m in a web design class where i learn to code and create sites so i can help and would love to collab (haha)

thanks. this helped.