To Every Byter (Young and Old) <3

Aloha (Hello) everybody,

It’s your HawaiianMixedPlate here! (that sounded corny af lol)…. Anyways, I just wanted to take some time to address the past couple days. Unfortunately, there has been a lot negativity going around, and there’s been a lot of hurt on all sides of the spectrum. Whether it be difference of opinion, or calling each other names, pointing out other people’s faults, etc. I feel that many of us, whether you’re a child or adult, are holding a huge amount of animosity towards each other.

But let’s take a step back, and breathe…

All of the arguing… The name calling… What is this going to solve? What will all of this bring?

I’ve been through a lot in this pandemic, as I can assume many others have too, and one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that life is too short… Too short to be bickering with each other. Too short to be carrying so much animosity towards someone else.
We as human beings need to learn how to get along with each other. We also need to learn how to approach others with an open mind, and an open heart. All of this drama is unnecessary stress that you folks are causing yourselves.

To the younger generations on this app… I know you find some of us adults weird and annoying… And hey, I get it! I’m an adult that gets SOOOO annoyed and angry with other adults! Being older, you would think that things would get a bit easier… NOPE! That’s a big no no lol… Adulting is hard, and can get really rough. Some of us may get triggered by things we see that you folks post, and we end up lashing out at you because of those frustrations we carry on our shoulders everyday in real life (outside of byte). What I ask of you younger generations is to please try to be understanding and open minded, and refrain from calling out adults specifically (bc sometimes we will respond irresponsibly and our patience goes out the window)… If you have an issue, just block them/report them, or email the byte team asap! but don’t go on a campaign to mass-report someone (this is also for adults as well). Just keep doing you, and if an adult comes at you (which they shouldn’t) just block them and/or notify the byte team. Continue making your awesome content <3 and if an adult comes at you, just block them.

To the older generations and my fellow adults on this app… Outside of Byte, I know many of us are trying to provide food on the table, or are just trying to survive for our families. With the stress the outside world puts on us, as well as being triggered by what a child may post about us, I ask that you refrain from even entertaining an argument. I know that sometimes, we may feel that some are out of line and we try to argue with them… But that’s only adding fuel to the fire. As adults, we need to take responsibility and not engage with those who make problematic statements. And if we are the ones who start those arguments, we need to, again, take responsibility as adults and make it right (which we should also be teaching our younger generations to do). If you don’t want to, then hey, like I told the kids, there’s a report/block button with your name on it. You don’t need that extra stress from a social media app. Nobody does. Continue to make your awesome content, and if a kid pops up in your comments unwelcomed, just block them and go about your day.

The reason I even post on Byte is because I felt safe here, and still do, despite the drama. I love the community, and love many creators, both young and old. Some aren’t even old enough to watch a rated R movie in theaters unless an adult is present. Others are not far away from being able to get that senior discount at their favorite diner. My whole point is that there are so many wonderful creators of all different ages and backgrounds on Byte. There is so much positivity that outweighs the negativity.

With all the chaos going on in the world, Byte has been and continues to be a safe place for those who seek refuge from the outside world. All I ask of you, reader, is to try and keep it that way. Let’s keep the negativity out. All of the problems you had with “that old guy/lady,” let it go. All those issues you had with “that youngin,” forget about it.

Let’s do what Dom and the management team has made Byte for.

To create and share positive, amazing content.

If I have offended anyone with anything that I have said, I apologize and want you to know that my message comes from a place of love and concern.

As I come to a close, I just want to say that I appreciate and love every single one of you creators on this app, regardless of your age, background, race, sexual preference, etc. To Dom and the management team, thank you so much for this wonderful app, and I look forward to witnessing the progression of Byte.

Mahalo (Thank you),


Right on :love_you_gesture:


Yes!! I love this so much :two_hearts:

I’ve been seeing WAY too much negativity between younger and older people. As soon as someone over 20 likes a 13 year olds post JUST BECAUSE THEY FIND IT INTERESTING/FUNNY, everyone says they’re being inappropriate. Yes it is okay to feel uncomfortable but to publicly shame someone for appreciating your own content just makes no sense. These people don’t realise the impact that can have on someone’s life. I’ve seen just random comments on older byte creators that they should get off the app just because of their age and it’s heart-breaking to see.

We have to start realising that we all joined this app for 1 reason: to feel safe and included. Let’s not change the motif of this app. Lets bring together everyone of all ages. Just because someone is over the age of 25 it doesn’t mean that they’re out to get people, they’re just living their life. :confused:

Thank you for posting this and educating anyone who sees it. The world needs more people like you, especially during these hard times. Stay safe and keep spreading that positivity :heart: :heart: :heart:


Wonderful! Also I have no idea wtf is going on and this argument Of old people vs young people is almost as old as the app.

One second I was dancing and everyone was dancing and the next second someone got offended and canceled. This app was suppose to help relieve stress lol


Thank you :heart: I hope you are having a wonderful day! Times are crazy… lol


It’s crazy lol… one minute I’ll leave the app and everything is okay, and the next time I hop on, my feed is completely full of chaos… we just got to keep on dancing haha :sweat_smile:


Yessssss this!!! This is what I was trying to say you put it in words so well. :100::heart:

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this was so well put. what we need to do as byte creators is make people laugh and smile. we have a report and block button for a reason guys!

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this was so well put


One of the big problems with drama on this app is that it has a snowball effect, and an issue that transpired several days ago is still, in part taking place today. I think everything that’s transpired in the past week is a ripple effect from July, unfortunately.


That’s something I’ve noticed. I’ve had byte since Jan but I accidentally left byte in May with all the crazy in the world and crazy in my life. I didn’t come back until August, and when I did, it was a very different byte. When I came back, I missed the first wave of TikTokers, but I came back to the impact it had on byte. And after doing some “research” and gathering what I’ve learned, I totally agree with @onkelchrispy. All of this just snowballed… we never got past the first wave whether good experiences or bad. And that has just been building up and up and now, the bubble burst. We obviously said how we felt about the changes to byte when it happened (though a lot of it was in the form of really good memes), but I think we kept everything so bottled up as a whole that more conflicts than resolutions came about. Thankfully, I’ve seen a lot of us are addressing these issues. Now that they are addressed, hopefully soon, we can all move forward and continue to enjoy that app that we all love so much. And I think some of the problems come out of strong love for byte. We all are very passionate about byte and we all just want what’s best for it. Thanks for letting me ramble and have a fantastic rest of your day/afternoon/night. Peace out homies✌️


I was on here almost daily since the official launch for quite a while.

Then it started to slowly devolve into one more multi way attackfest.

I’ve backed way WAY back, and have pretty much stopped posting any new content.

If I want hate speech, derogatory comments, insults or just :cow: :poop:?

I can go to Facebook, :bird:, or just watch the news.

I still get notifications from the app, and was going to do something for the LNBB challenge this week.

I jumped on the forum, thinking to discuss ideas, and…

Oh, that’s why I quit coming here.

I opened 3 or 4 threads, and it’s more of the same “_______ people are the :imp:!”.


I hope every one has a Happy :jack_o_lantern: day tomorrow and makes it the best day they can.