To all Gens

Honestly every generation has had crazy :poop: to deal with.

Silent gen (pre boomers) had the Spanish Flu, great depression, WWI, Pearl Harbor, WW2

Boomers had Korean War, Vietnam War, Draft, and fear of atomic war. Like they literally had drills for being atomic bombed, where they would get under their desks to hide.

GenX had the Cold War, and the constant threat of a highly probable nuclear holocaust And mutually assured destruction. Watching the Challenger Shuttle blow up. School shootings, Kuwait & Desert Storm wars. Plus AIDS, ie have sex and die of incurable disease. They were latchkey kid generation and basically just raised themselves.

Millennials had 9/11, global economic crisis and super high unemployment, having to move back in with parents, likelihood of never owning a home, crippling debt, Iraq War and occupation, Crazy amounts of school shootings, Occupy, and social media always telling them everything is awful, and just how much worse it could get.

Gen Z is dealing with a high probability of a mass shooting happening either at their school, or nearby.
Drills for school shootings, their whole lives being on the Internet thanks to their parents and Facebook, more division and unrest between everyone since probably the civil war, the Great Recession, the global pandemic that just …
And every form of media telling them that everything is awful. Seeing the worst in everyone. Seeing families fight and break apart over political BS, and social media manipulation.
They’ve lost friendships, their immediate everything, mentors, teachers, and any sort of structure to their lives.

And no one can give them a straight answer as to what the future holds.

School? :man_shrugging:
Social interaction? :man_shrugging:
Their homes? :man_shrugging:
Food on the table? :man_shrugging:
What happens with all the stuff they were supposed to do this spring? :man_shrugging:
Jobs? :man_shrugging:
They have no say in what happens, they are just being told “this is how things are now, sorry”.

The only thing they felt they had any control over (TikTok) is being taken away- and even there you have manipulative media and bad faith actors saying it’s because of the Trump Rally.

(It’s not. TT is terrible with all of the well documented security and safety issues)

But they feel like the one thing that was “theirs” is being unfairly taken away.

Millennials and older have been through the :poop:.
They know things suck, but eventually get better.

History repeats itself.

Here’s what you can do to help, or be helped.

  1. Teach/Learn new skills.

You’ve got more unstructured free time than you will probably ever have in your life again.
Offer to teach(help) or learn (be helped) something new. Coding, art, writing, bytes, animation, game development, music, all skills that take practice, and you finally have time to do.

  1. Mentoring
    Having someone to talk to makes you feel less alone. This goes both ways btw. Listen, empathize and ask if they want to just vent, or would like advice.
    We are more connected than at any point in human history, and people feel more alone than ever.
    Be excellent to each other.

  2. Stress management.
    It’s ok to be upset, scared, depressed and even angry. It’s normal and pretty much everyone has these feelings.

Don’t just internalize it. Look into emotional intelligence development. It will teach you how to empathize and cope with the giant :poop: sandwich that is life at the moment.

Everyone is scared and worried right now. If you need help, ask for it. If you can help, offer it.

Much :heartpulse:


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Thank you for making this thread.


Thank you so much for making this, this is the very first time someone has made a correct explanation for gen z


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No problem. Hopefully it helps all sides to have some empathy.

The older Gens have seen their share of :poop: too, and most honestly want to support GenZ.

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I’ve been thinking about this post a lot.

One thing GenZ should take some hope from?

The last generation to deal with a worldwide pandemic like this?

The GI generation. Also known as the Greatest Generation.

They went through the Spanish Flu, WWI, Great Depression, WW2 and an incredible amount of turmoil, change and :broken_heart:.

They stood up, stood together and stood for their beliefs and their fellow humans.

They dedicated their lives to service. They made changes and huge improvements to the quality of life.

It took sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears.

They weren’t perfect, but as a generation, they had an amazing impact on the world.

GenZ is facing similar challenges, and a lot of you are stepping up too.

You all have the potential to be the next, “greatest generation”.

Much :heartpulse:

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