Tired: “Gens”. Wired: Self-Determination

Not fussed by the influx of new users, everyone is suddenly posting more so it’s clearly done some good. I’m just waiting for the drama to die down. In the meantime: let’s talk about some of the issues about discussing the recent change.

Can We Please Stop With The “Gen” Crap?

Defining ourselves and others by an arbitrary line in the sand created by the movement of celestial objects in an infinite space is already kind of weird but having hard lines between “Generations” is horseshit. The education system was built around the industrial revolution’s model for factories and dictates the most important part of a person is their date of manufacture. This has always been baloney. Your age does not define you nor how you use an app.
A lot of the problem I have with the influx is the culture TiKTok bred. TT is specifically designed to ridicule people and steal content. It’s culture is based around hostility and bullying due to the very mechanics of the app. That has nothing to do with age and everything to do with corporate behaviour. In the same way Microsoft and Sony or Apple and Android benefit from manufacturing rivalry, power structures benefit from dividing people into subgroups because they’re easy to sell to.
In short TikTok was always garbage and if you were on it then there’s going to need to be some adjustment but everyone is welcome on Byte. But more importantly stop with all this “GenZ” vs “Millenials” or inventing a “bridging generation”, crap. In the same way society is learning sex doesn’t (or shouldn’t) define you, neither does age. Whatever “gen” you are we’re all still living on a scorched planet, with thousands dying of Covid everyday, while nakedly corrupt rulers exploit us. Just enjoy a silly app and have fun. Whatever your age.

“We should be careful, we should Be kind to each other, while there is still time”


Well said. The best way is to kill them with kindness. Byte has a very warm community.


Generations are not only fake but also affected by space.

Like, I’m a millennial, sure. But half the “millennial” things I didn’t have until years later because I’m not from a first world country, so I have a lot in common experiences with an older zoomer.

The system is trying to pit zoomers against millennials because if we banded together we’d destroy the shitty systems and status quo. Together we’d be too much of a threat and this way they can distract Zoomers with “millennial hate” while they focus on radicalizing more people in both generations to be the new wave of alt-right and terfs :woman_shrugging: