Tips for those wanting to collab

I’ve had a couple of collaborations with several members here, all great experiences :slight_smile: Thought I’d inject some wisdom on the subject.

But first of all, I have to say, this community is AWESOME! I initially reached out to 5 people, and had plans to reach out to 5 more incase all of them said no. I was hoping at least 2 would be down. Well, all 5 responded back to me and said they wanted to collab, and right now I’ve had several published, a couple in the works, and one I still haven’t gotten around to laying out the groundwork with yet because I’m front loaded with all these other collabs lol. On Vine I’d have to contact 20 people to get a response from 2, and I vividly recall one of them turning me down because they only wanted to do collabs with Viners who had at minimum 50k followers, even though at the time I had 1400 and they 2400.

Anyways, I wanted to make this topic for those that are apprehensive about the idea of collaborating with someone, which can be daunting for some.

1) One person will have to do most of the work.

It sounds like a school project horror story, though in this case I think it’s best when one person is doing the brainstorming, directing, and editing. I’ve worked in movie production sets before, and the one thing I’ve learned about them is how important momentum is. Morale is always at its highest at the beginning, and with every setback it decays team enthusiasm over time. On Vine there was someone that contacted me wanting to do a collab that lived in LA. I drove an hour to this guy’s house all pumped up, but when I got there he didn’t have a clue what he wanted to do yet, he just knew he wanted to do what King Bach/Liane V/DeStorm Power were doing. We spent two hours coming up with ideas, disagreeing over how we’re going to execute them, like “is the punchline strong enough?” or “this is NOT going to fit in 6 seconds, we have to reduce it”. I think after a while all of us (there was like 3 of us there) were burnt out, we lazily shot something half assed, and never saw each other again.

This is not to say that the people you’re collabing with can’t have an input. However you shouldn’t be DMing people with just the idea of wanting to collab, you need to have byte concepts already in mind. The person in Vine I worked with had the right intentions, wanting to work by committee and building a symbiotic equal opportunity relationship, it just didn’t work out the way he hoped.

2) Having scripts/prompts ready.

This is an extension of point 1 in a way, but you really need to convey your vision to the person(s) you’re collaborating with. I actually created scripts for mine. Some might think that’s extra for a 6 second clip, but you can do a lot with 6 seconds (giggidy). Some of us film for hours trying to perfect a 6 second clip. Some of the biggest social media stars today made their mantle with 6 second skits, so yes it’s absolutely worth it to invest in the extra time to make sure that these 6 seconds goes exactly the way you wanted it to. What I did was actually shoot a “demo” where I film an outline of how I envisioned it without caring for the quality of it so that the people I collaborate with have a frame of reference, that way they know what to expect. Then I’ll refilm the scenes later with quality in mind.

3. Having matching sets as much as possible.

This unfortunately is a hurdle that a lot of people probably won’t be able to jump over. When I see a collab, and they’re supposed to be in the same room, and one person is in a bright lit room using LED bulbs with white walls, and the other is in one where the walls are red, it can suspend my fantasy of the skit. I myself have light green walls with (I believe) halogen lightbulbs in my house, whereas most from what I’ve seen have the traditional incandescent bulbs. So my setting is incompatible with just about everyone else’s lol. The way I’ve gotten around it is by having conversations over the phone since in that context, it’s perfectly okay for two people to have different settings.

I hope not to discourage people from collaborating, but hoping people will be more conscious of their settings and seek out creative ways around it, or find settings that will match both collaborators. This byte right here is impressive in the way that these two made it seem like they’re in the same room together:

One last note, once again I can’t stress enough how great the community here is. The way I’ve approached people here is suggesting 2 skit ideas, that way both of us would have something to post. Though some of the people I’ve worked with were just perfectly fine making one just for my page. I think I’d still suggest doing 2 bytes in case the other wants something to show on their page, but also be open to the idea that they just want to do one and help you out.

Anyways hope people find this advice useful, and happy byting!


Thanks for the clarity :grin: Giggity


THANKS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH :goat::ok_hand:t4: means a lot coming from you

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Great in-depth article. People could avoid a lot of mistakes if they read this.


Hey!! Just saw my video posted up there!! I appreciate both the advice and the compliment. Thanks you for this post!

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No problem guys, and thanks for reading :smiley: