Tips for New V***rs

Hey there! I’m a small content creator, and I want to get into V2 when it comes out, but I was wondering if anyone with experience from Vine had tips for how to get started creating stuff that would be both fun to create and fun to watch. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen vines and was excited to see that it was coming back. Hopefully, we’ll see some great new content and some awesome creators!

Thanks in advance, from all of us small creators!
( And me :slight_smile: )

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yeeeeee Also if you are a semi-famous-famous viner from Vine. Tell us how did you get that first hint of virality? :o :heart_eyes:


Here is the best way to grow. Make original/funny content. Buy shoutouts. Do collabs. Bam! You’re famous.


I’m not an ex-viner but I’m a content creator from instagram. The #1 thing I can say is to not do what you just did and ask for tips, because you’ll base your content on someone else’s opinions. Just be yourself and hope it works out :slight_smile:


Buy shoutouts? I don’t know about that one. Collabs? Definitely. Make good content? Duh. But buy shoutouts… ehhhhh…

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I used to have a Vine account with 30k+ followers, my niche was comedy. I made small edits which were complete trash at the time, but because there was such a large following for “memes” I took off at a slow but efficient pace. I believe that what helped me gain a following was being persistant, post as much as you can, but try to still keep the quality consistant.


Buying shoutouts actually helps. It is the key for growing on Instagram

This is fact.

Also collabs will be good and probably end up being funny.

You have to buy shoutouts to get exposure. Exposure leads to growth.

I have created multiple accounts on IG for businesses and companies and I concurr that it is the fastest way to get big, however I think because the revine feature exists on V2 (hopefully) good content will spread organically, sort of like on twitter.

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I can agree with you on that :100:

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