Tips for More Views?

I know there was a thread in Feb about this, but I’m not sure if everything back then still applies now/ I just want more intel

I’ve uploaded a byte a day the past couple weeks and I’ve noticed some inconsistencies with my views. Sometimes I’ll get the range of 30-60 views on my bytes and then other times I’ll get 0-20. The only time I’ve gotten higher is when someone rebyted a couple of my bytes.

Obviously, I know I’m not going to get 1,000 views right off the bat, but I do want to build my following. Does anyone have any tips/tricks that can help with getting more views? Is there some sort of algorithm?


I honestly feel if you’re wanting to gain engagement it goes both ways. People are more likely to view, like, follow, and rebyte (ultimately landing a mutual, and more visibility) if you’re communicating with their bytes you find interesting (genuine comments). It’s almost like you’re building relationships, but you have to be consistent.

This section of the Engagement Megathread is still solid advice.

Just have to be more open to engaging with others, and almost leave your profiles numbers alone.


That does make sense. I don’t remember seeing that thread before so I’ll have to check it out. I don’t usually comment on any bytes much so I’ll probably try to do that more as well. I was more thinking that the views had to do with the time that I uploaded my bytes. Thank you for your input.