Hi everyone

I could read most of you come from Vine or really addicted to social media
But I m great beginner, I ’ m sure I’m not and will not be the only one, so please could give some tips for LEVEL ZERO USER as me


Engagement is key :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for your answer.
But was more thinking about the technical aspect

Do you have more specific questions? What part of the app do you need help with?

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A lot of us who have different levels of experience on social media are doing the same things as level zero users.

Create content you enjoy. Others who enjoy it will follow

Like and rebyte what you like. Follow who you see consistently trying hard.

Chat up people. It lets them know you aren’t one of those people that like and scroll without even watching what you made.

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Thanks à lot

Don’t worry too much about the likes and comments in the beginning as Byte is still growing at the moment, but try to make connections with people here on the forum and on the app as well!

Content, creativity and engagement are everything.

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Networking / Connecting with few byters is key… and also collab!!

Thanks everyone
In fact I m just trying to make a video and try to cut it for 6 seconds it s already kind of not easy but I will succeed to do it today, maybe :pensive::pensive::roll_eyes::hugs::weary:

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This topic may be useful for you and other users who recently joined the forums:

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If you need to edit, try iMovie. This allows you to speed up and shorten your bytes. You can also add sound or other effects.

Make sure you have sound in your byte or it tends to have issues. (This tends to be a problem if you are uploading pictures, animation, or time lapse drawings from other apps for example)

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Thanks Kerbob97 thus information is a treasure for me thanks a lot

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