Tipping or donating (money, in any way) to creators is a GOOD idea

I’m making this thread as a response to @Grey and to let @dom be aware of both sides of the argument.
Original thread: Tipping or donating (money, in any way) to creators is a bad idea

Grey talked about how tipping creators would eventually turn vine into musical.ly. I have to respectfully disagree. Vine touched so many lives and launched so many careers…like King Bach, Lele Pons, and Logan Paul. These creators have achieved not only social media success but also mainstream success. Vine WAS the culture, IS the culture, WILL BE the culture again (V2). I felt like Grey was comparing apples and oranges. An app that pushed are culture forward (vine) vs an app tweens used to thirst trap (musical.ly).

I think allowing and fans and viewers to tip with real money/ cryptocurrency should one of the monetization methods. If V2 will have team accounts and live streaming, why not cryptocurrency tips??? With Youtube withholding adsense from “non-priority” creators, people are looking for ways to support their careers. People want an EQUAL / FAIR method of monetization that doesn’t play favorites with the popular creators. Twitch, Younow, and Patreon allow tipping and their communities are just fine.

V2 is gonna be something special. It’s gonna do what Vine did but BETTER! And since V2 is here to STAY…tipping/ cryptocurrency should considered seriously. Think about the bigger picture…think about the long run. Thank-you. What do y’all think?

[sidenote: I used to be a full time youtuber before the adpocalypse]


That’s what I was trying to say in the previous thread…Btw crypto currency tipping is a great idea…:fire::fire::fire:


If it lessens the need for ads on v2, I’m all for it. Ads really cause more problems than they solve. Wikipedia is great because it doesnt have ads, not despite it.

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Tbh tho you are making a lot of assumptions about the success of V2. I want it to take off and stay forever and do well but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will

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I have an idea where you would be able to purchase credits on v2. With those credits you will be able to use them on vines you find really funny / creative. The credits could range from $1 - $20(something not too crazy). 25% of the money will go back into v2, and the other 75% will go to the creator. I feel like more research wold have to be done to see if people would like to support their creators as well.
We could also see big users on this platform using these tokens to give to smaller content creators, and we could expect to see videos on this for their YouTube channels.


Having something like can funding where fans can donate to their artists would be great @dom

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Team accounts was a confirmed feature, but live streaming is not a confirmed feature. People have made threads asking for it.

YouTube is not holding adsense from “non-priority” creators. They did change the rules, but you can do the math yourself. 4000 hours of watch time needed in 12 months. That’s 20 000 minutes per month. If you upload 10 videos a month, and each is 3 minutes long, you only need 675 views.

Twitch and younow are live-streaming apps, (Doubt V2 will have livestreaming), and tipping there makes sense because the streamer can read/see your donation

Patreon is not a platform like younow or twitch. It’s a place for donations People use it WITH twitch, youtube, etc to earn some money. So if you need donations, you can ask your fans to support you there.

About: “The bigger picture” and the “long run” Imagine people starting to ask others to tip to collab, join a team, upload on their page, etc. It can become really toxic.


Having fans be able to tip money to their favourite v2 star I believe is a great idea! It would allow the creator to output my conten while the input is fans and some money on the side. It would allow the star to creat things such as merch even!


The Youtube rebuttal I disagree with. I didn’t mean not paying creators at
all. I meant They limit creators with demonetization tactics such as “not
suitable for advertisers” and not reviewing videos on weekends.

And I can’t imagine people asking others to tip to collab. Let’s not assume
future dramas that might happen. Anything good about V2 can potentially be
abused. That’s just the internet/ people in general. But I’m not gonna
assume something will be toxic. Thank-you for your input.

I believe tipping should be a feature. Though it should not be done with crypto currency because of the constant price change of a coin. Also the app will mainly involve teens who don’t have knowledge of crypto and do not have ease of access to it.

Yeah. That’s the real issue…

I actually like the idea of crypto currency tipping. Maybe I could get paid to edit? :thinking: