Tipping or donating (money, in any way) to creators is a bad idea

First of all, I know. I should’ve posted this under a suggestion topic / thread based on ‘‘Tipping creators with real money / cryptocurrency’’. I am posting this as a different ‘‘Topic’’ because I want as many people to see this, also, I want to see opinions of other people on my idea.

We should NOT be able to tip others.

If you will ask me, why not? Why shouldn’t we support our favorite creators with money (in some way). Let me tell you this. Understand rest of it, yourself.

There is a social media platforms that lets users donate money to their favorite creators already. Name of it? E-Z P-Z. Musiacl.ly. I don’t hate Musical.ly. Actually the app its-self is pretty cool. I just hate their community. The toxicity of their community.

MUSERS: They BFF their top donators or share their phone number or shoutout them or do a duet. (Reason: They want to swim in green paper. You understand what I mean?)

FAN BASE: Tries to become as famous as possible, so they tip LOTS OF MONEY to famous people, so they can do a duet or get a shoutout. At the end, they will end up becoming famous easily after twerking and showing their tummy a little bit. They will become a MUSER and they start collecting money from their fans.

If V2 will have the option of ‘‘Donating’’ or ‘‘Tipping’’ in any way, v2 's community will eventually become same with Musical.ly’s community.

So… Please…
Can we ‘‘NOT’’ add, tipping creators?


  • This is my opinion.
  • I would love to hear what you guys think.

I wouldn’t like tipping either. It gives people an unfair advantage and people who know no better donate their money to people when it could clearly go to better causes


I agree but I think having at least some sort of way to help creators create is so important to a lot of people. With youtube slowly dying in terms of making a living off of it, something needs to happen. Of course Vine videos are short so it’s not exactly the best choice for advertisers or feature film makers to display thier content in full, but we need something, just something. Maybe something will come up or youtube will change but for now, free form viral content is screwed in terms of funding.


Idk, musicaly is just one more of the app that it possible to donate, think about Twitch.
It can be very helpful to the artist receive money because he/she can do better videos


I see the dilemma here, but maybe it could be set up so like YouTube only by certain amount of views can you get tipped or paid


What about some sort of anonymous tip? Not as many people would be willing to tip if they couldn’t add a message but it also might weed out the people who are only doing it to get recognized.


No i’m not saying do the donating. I agree terrible idea, but implementing a way for advertisers to support viners I think is a good idea. I want someone to come up with an unbiased way of monetization. Maybe an application to become monetized and the advertisers can view the content the will run the ads on? It could be ads between vines on the profiles, similar to how instagram and facebook does it but it’s specific to the profile. That way it’s far and advertisers aren’t a dictatorship surrounded by CEOS like youtube favoriting creators. Idk just an sort of broken idea but somehow vine needs to come up with a way to be versatile so they can make money too cause of course they’d get a cut of the ad money.


I think adding a donate button would just make it less steps because people will always link patreons and other donation websites anyways, v2 might aswell utilize this in the app, also the upside is way more than the downside in my opinion.


I agree adding donations from users to creators will change the way the app is used. V2 should be for entertainment, not a way for you to make quick money. A creator can always set up a patreon is they really want. Plus there is always sponsorships from companies. V2 shouldn’t be an app to make money or people will try to exploit it


I never tried musically so wouldn’t know how toxic the community is, but we could always try out donations on v2, if not then we could scrap it


Tipping money is a good thing… but look when something like that start creators will start doing only that m not saying that its bad but not at least few will concentrate only on that and that will distract others… Its like sweet… good to taste but like an addiction hope you understand… i think i complicated it

I haven’t been clear with my opinion, what I mean is:

Tipping or Donating your favorite Creators is a GREAT idea, but people will start using it the same way Musical.ly stars use them, causing the community to think about money, only.

Tipping (anonymously) is a great idea actually.


You guys really seem to think that the only way to keep artistic integrity is for us all to not make any income and just live under bridges and make videos. Everyone needs to realize that people just in it for the clout will be there even if there isn’t a monetization option. It’s what happened on the first vine. Artists should be compensated for their work. Anyone who thinks otherwise must still be living with their parents and having their entire lives paid for.

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Yes, Artists SHOULD be payed, but not tipped.


umm it would be bad cuz people would make content for money and go far for the donation i guess

you need to under stand some people are gonna use this as a full time job to make money and if adsence isnt enough to make a living there gonna need a back-up plan

This is the best supported idea ive read in weeks now and yes i do agree lets keep this community clean and not attempt to absorb money fron our potential fanbase

I strongly fisagree with your opinion im sorry but donating should not be feature since the up would turn to bussiness and th content will be of less quality

I believe that the only way that advertisers can promote their company/service must be through contacting the viner they want to promote through send them a product or something and then he makes a vine based on it and therefore gets paid to share it

Lets be honest the platform will turn into a bussines please lets not add this feature