Tip: External editing for near-perfect audio loops

ahhh thank you! I was hoping I could upload through the web interface :frowning:

The web interface is only really for sharing bytes at this point

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It cuts more frames on Android.


I just watched cem’s old byte from @ThinkFact 's list of most popular bytes and it doesn’t seem to loop perfectly anymore. @dom should we expect old bytes to lose their perfect loops as the looping algorithm changes?

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i’ve never been able to make a seamless loop since one of the ios pre-release loop changes. instagram does a better job looping my bytes than byte does. :confused:

How to use this app

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byte or the forums?

It seems like any existing clip I upload gets cut off in the beginning, even when I try recording something to fill space in the cut before uploading the clip

Try making sure the clip you are trying to upload is longer than the “final”, rather than filming a clip prior. It has to be part of one uploaded video @What5g00d

It should be approximately .2 seconds longer than what you intend when you upload. I typically upload at .5 seconds longer because it’s easier and gives you some more wiggle room on your loops.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Dom said it best under this topic’s first post

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Oh sick, I was scratching my head at this when I uploaded my first 2 looping videos yesterday.

Thanks Dom!


so many words that i sadly can not understand :pensive: oh to be a millennial who can edit videos well

Also make it 4k (i dont know i just thought of this out of nowhere)

thank you for this <3

loops… what are those??? it’s like they need a channel or something :slight_smile:

Want my perfect loop formula for videos:) 1. try to keep your loop under the 8 second mark (unless you have software to cut it or speed it up) 2. Save it to your camera roll. 3. Run it through reverse video editor app 4. import both Forward and Reverse video into byte. 5. add music and enjoy . You now have a perfectly looping vid:) you’re welcome.

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Or just do what I do and spend 80 minutes listening to it a billion times and adjusting the timing over and over in app.

It works about 50% of the time.


Thanks For The Tip :+1:t5:

kanje met dit ook prive chatten