Timing.. 🤔

So we all know what’s happening with tik tok and the US government, but let me tell you this - why is byte active now of all the times?

Byte has been publicly in progress for around 2 years before release, so who know when this all really began.

Let’s look at why tiktok is being banned: it’s obviously not the reason that they’re telling people because why would they ever tell the truth. The US government is banning tiktok purely due to them not wanting US data to go to anywhere outside the US. They would much rather for US user data to go to FaceBook.

They see that people really love tiktok and won’t get away from it, because after tiktok other social media’s become boring. I personally spend a fraction of the time on Instagram than I did before tiktok. So what’s next? The US has to make an alternative app :thinking::thinking::thinking: wonder what that could be? Oh yeah BYTE

So what are you hiding, Dom? Do you secretly work for FaceBook? Or are you just a puppet made to seem as the creator of a new byte app when in reality you’re working for the US government to gather as much user data as possible to spy on your citizens

What will it be fellas?

  • from @taty on byte :v:t2:

This feels a lot like a conspiracy theory :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

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That’s what they want you to believe

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