Timeline Options

Horizontal / left-right scrolling for related or same-artist videos. Scenario: scroll vertically through chronological timeline, stop on video from Artist A referencing Hashtag B/Inspiration B. Swipe right-to-left for other recent Artist A videos (in chronological order); alternatively, swipe left-to-right for other recent Hashtag B/Inspiration B videos (in loop count order). Reason: We may want to scroll through our timeline and see all of a certain artist at once, or deep-dive into a theme without leaving our place in our timeline (I have OCD).

Link to inspiration video. Scenario: View video, see inspiration link/icon/ellipses; tap to be taken to or to reveal the inspiration video. Reason: Hashtags are great & hella useful, but become diluted over time or recycled, making finding the original/inspirational video hard to do.

Favorite artists shown first. Scenario: Have setting to show starred/favorite artists’ videos first in our timeline. Reason: Sometimes we just want to see our go-tos; it should be a setting, not forced on users (…Facebook/Instagram…).


I love the idea of horizontal scrolling for related videos, but that sounds like a logistical nightmare. :thinking: I hope they can implement it though!

The link to inspiration videos would be fantastic too. Especially if v2 wants to help curb co-opting of artists ideas by other/bigger artists. I wonder how the interface for a feature like that would work? Would it require a copy/paste of a link? Or could a button be built in when you’re posting that lets you search for other artists and their videos, then select the video from their page?

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Not a Bad idea , could get a bit of time getting used to

Yeah these sound like really interesting ideas I really like the horizontal scrolling as a feature

Horizontal scrolling is a really cool idea!

I like the premise of this :+1:

I loooove the horizontal scrolling idea!!

Pretty good idea

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