Timed text isn't posted as previewed

Like the title says.

App Version: 1.1.10
Device: Samsung Galaxy J6 SM-J600FN, Android 9.0


Hi @colinkiama, thanks for the report. Could you elaborate on this a bit?

  • What is different from the preview?
  • Does this happen every time, or sometimes?


  • What’s different is the timing of the text appearing and disappearing. You could set text to appear only for the first 2 seconds but it ends up reappearing later on in the video in the posted version.
  • This only seems to occur when using multiple cuts.

Thanks for that information! We’ll look into it :slight_smile:

That hint about “multiple cuts” did the trick! We were able to reproduce this issue and should have a fix for you in the next update. Thanks again!

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