Timed filming (touchless pause? How do you call this)

I’m sorry if there’s another post about this, I searched but can’t find anything on it.

This is a quite basic request BUT MUCH NEEDED

Since we have sounds now, maybe we can choose how much time of the sound we would like to record and filming will stop as the time runs out.

This will make mine and a lot of other people’s lives a lot easier since it’ll help with touchless recording/ jump cut effect without out of app editing.

Idk I’ve been waiting for this for a long time…

@ taty from byte :v:t2:


yess i’ve been wanting this to happen since i downloaded byte! I have to screen record the song on youtube or on byte and then use InShot in order to apply what part of the audio i’d like.
It would be really cool so see it happen!

But it’s so much fun to see users run to their phones in silence after the song runs out. Absolutely hilarious everytime.


Great Idea

Lol big mood


Yeeeees, this would be a very fun and useful feature! I know that people who create content like skits, cosplay, music, dance, (the arts) etc, would find it easier to create more content now that they don’t have to edit in a third party app. I’ve also experienced video falling out of sync with sound when you record too many clips in a video. Adding a timer feature would prevent this

Dom showed off recently that trimming sounds and bytes is a new feature that’s in progress. So it’s on the way.

Otherwise your options are to assistive touch a set length of time to film a video without sounds or to take it to an outside editor to cut off extra

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I’ve mirrored my phones screen to another device so I can do this :sweat_smile:

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Wish what? I never though if using assistive touch. I don’t even know how to do that

Assistive touch may not be great for byte. For vine there was no camera timer so you could set up an assitive touch to wait 3 seconds, and press and hold for 2,3,6 seconds. This could still be used in byte so you can cut the video without having to walk up to the camera, however if you were syncing it to a specific sound, you’d have to set the assistive touch for the same timer as that sound every time. It wouldn’t be very practical to use outside of original sounds

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Assistive Touch was only relevant back on Vine before editing tools were added. It’s fairly difficult to implement while using Byte’s current format, but can be done

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