Time to make collab connections

As a past viner(nothing serious) I was to late to the party , I would like this thread to let people collab with other creators and share ideas and motives on V2. Be safe and don’t speak on information you don’t want to be on the internet. Thank you

I will love to make a collaboration with any but in my city no one used it V*ne and no one knows about V2

:speaking_head: Musicians/producers who want to make music and launch a career out of music wya

LA Based Photographer and filmmaker here!


Definitely want to collaborate with other artists more this time around with v2.

:instagram: @MrSharkey

:twitter: : @MrSharkey

:snapchat: : @HowsitGoinEoin


I don’t know how many collabs I’ll do but I’m ready to meet some new people!

I want to do as much collaborate as possible

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waddup with it. Let’s do it

Comedian/garbage singer here if anyone wants to hit me up. Twitter.com/mattlooks