Time to enter big competitor mode

I hope the byte team sees this but I saw that the app’s engagement was going but think it shouldn’t be any form of discouragement at all, this app is starting to look cooler than it ever been and it’s honestly a big step into the right direction , all these features and designs is definitely what attracts people and get them to stay so keep em coming( that’s why tik tok is so successful) , keep applying the pressure :fire: and i promise this app will be long lasting ,at the end of the day this isn’t supposed to be some kinda safe space or small community for people so i don’t see why ideas that will help byte go to the next lvl get frowned upon by some ppl on here, but i say keep up the good work Dom :clap:t5: keep the updates coming , I used to watch WWE when i was a child and i know once upon a time there was a show called WCW that did way better than it but WWE kept upgrading, made changes and treated WCW like a true rival and WWE eventually became a top dog ( THE top dog tbh)


Ahh the Monday night wars! What a time to be a wrestling fan that was!


honestly let’s see where byte goes in january 2021. Who knows where the app will be by then?

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I like that optimistic attitude

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Fr, i miss those days so much

Thanks and I know i’ve said this alot but one thing I’d like to see is amazon alexa skill on this. Be cool to hear audio versions of this on the echo dot speaker

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