Time Suggestion?

On Tik Tok there is no time at the top of the page and I believe this is a really nice, subtle tactic for users to stay on the app for hours on end and get caught up on all the videos. Also, imo, it makes the whole interface look more organized. Seeing the cellular service, time stamp, and battery may be kinda distracting so getting rid of it could clean things up a bit. Also, without seeing the battery, you won’t know if you need to charge your phone or not which would also keep people on the app for quite some time lol. I know Byte should try to be unique and stand out from its competitors, but this is a really tiny, but, I believe, an important strategy that the Byte team could use for the app. It may also help with the ad revenue in the future :ok_hand: Just a discovery I found with tik tok that byte may benefit from and I’d like to hear your thoughts on this :grin:


I Think this is pretty insteresting. Sure you noticed in tik tok, but the results are there :slight_smile:


we’ve had a lot of conversation about this internally. some people feel that always knowing your time/battery/connection quality is sort of a “right” you have as an app user. others agree but feel that a lot of the time it just gets in the way. I’m pretty torn myself. it seems like one option might be to make this configurable (defaulting to off). we’ll see what would be involved to do that



I had a little glitch and the time, cellular data, and battery went away. Kinda looks clean :eyes:


it do be looking clean


dont mind me, just bumping this thread cause I still think its a good idea
And this is how it’d look without the top bar on ios, think it’d be really good for android users as well


Yesss it’s just less distracting