Time for a New Game: First word

Ok time for a new game in these forms because I’m bored :laughing: I’m going to say a word and then you are going to comment the first word that comes into your head. Whenever you come into the game, do it for the last word that someone commented and we can see where we get. You are allowed to post multiple times if you want to but please don’t spam it (Only post every 10-15 comments or so unless things slow down). Once we get into the game a little bit, I am going to change the rules and then see where it take us from there!

Ok, first word: Avocado

Round 2 Rules: ROUND 2 From now on, every post is alternating from first word that comes into your head to first meme that comes to your head. (So it will be meme picture, word, meme picture, word and so on) ((ALSO you can do more than just one word if you want))

Tacos (:heart: Tacos)

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lettuce :slight_smile:

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Money . 12 char

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gold 12 charss

silver - 12 chars

mines 12 char

Money - 12 Char

Trees - 12 chars

Forrest …

wood - 12 char

Paper …

Paint . 12 Char

Canvas … 12 char

art 12 charsss

v2 - 12 char

12 char - 12 char

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dash - 12 char

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lmao that made me laugh



Ampersand &&&&&