TikTokers vs. Byters

The brigading has to stop. It isn’t “part of your humor” to dehumanize others and leave death threats on Bytes, it’s you being a expletive removed person and disregarding the mental well-being of the creators you send these comments to. Seriously, what the expletive removed is going on right now and why is there no moderation? Teasing each other is one thing, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t see the playfulness. I am seeing a bunch of hate being directed at Byters and it’s not funny. Funny would be great.


Needs attention

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Where is this exactly, just so that moderation knows.


those comments are for sarcasm.
we don’t want any of that to happen. we have some mean as hell jokes but other members of the generation find it funny. if they directly say ”kill yourself” that’s when it’s a true problem. that’s just how we joke around with each other
as @gaybitches says


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Gotta have thick skin. This is the internet


that doesn’t mean people should be able to say whatever they want with no punishment


Thick skin is good, but this community has been amazing for as long as I’ve been around. Hurting each other had never been a thing here. You can be funny without being harmful.


I understand we can have a joke every now and then & look back at this and laugh, but some of the behaviour on this app by users are far from acceptable.

There has to be some form of comment moderation (like here on the forum) that can ‘accurately’ and ‘precisely’ detect language or behaviour that is deemed “unacceptable” by the community.

This can be voted on by the community i.e byte users, moderaters and the byte staff to see what is deemed acceptable or not.


This is a good idea^ Or be able to ban words that can be in comments on your own posts (like YouTube)


a lot of it is just shitty humor. we don’t want people to kill them selves. the ones that specifically say die or kys a lot of us don’t condone


If there’s a way to ban strings of words in comments I think that would definitely be a good idea

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Here’s more in detail just in case :smirk:

We fully understand that a lot of the thinks we say is wrong and that we shouldn’t be saying it. But you have to understand the jokes we make towards mental health connect with our own and also a lot of the jokes we made have a ton of sarcasm.
But I do agree stuff like death threats are way to harsh and should stop

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The only thing I’m talking about is the death threats and the bullying. Everything else is fine. I joke about my mental health as well.

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I suppose that is a start.

It’s… really not lol. “Yeah I shouldn’t be racist but I am!” Oh alright.

First part is to recognize what your doing is wrong. Second part is to stop doing it.


The second part only happens if you actually give a sh*t. They’re defending themselves instead. Not helpful.