TikTokers turning byte to TikTok 2

Not sure if this is a duplicate or not and this might receive backlash but, a lot of people from TikTok are requesting features that are from TikTok. To me, they trying to make byte a TikTok 2.0


its just some features need to be made more adjustable for people to move onto byte.

also no one is forcing anyone to watch tiktok styled bytes but its fair to get some of tiktoks features onto byte cause theres been someone who still feel lost and are using tiktok to edit because they feel byte lacks some of those features still. i wouldnt take it too hard, they just need to adjust and want tools to help them. :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


I have said this before, when Vine closed down, I went to tiktok before musical.ly was added, I asked if Tiktok was Vine 2 and I got yelled at lolol :grimacing::laughing: sooo nooo Tiktok 2 pffffff nooo…totally not. But I am happy tiktoker are here.