Tiktokers on byte

Opinion on tiktokers hopping on byte


The equivalent to byters and bikers on Tiktok people use whatever app fits their fancy.


It’s nice having new people hopping on byte especially tiktokers, however I don’t want them having all the clout just because they’re more relevant i.e huge followings on other platforms, extremely good looking, blowing up for the most stupidest reasons like staring at the screen, f4f/L4L scams, mindlessly speaking out on controversially sensitive topics etc.


I feel like there is LOT more younger kids on byte now. Some of them are adorable little cherubs who just want someone to hype them up and show them love and the others are actually brats who think it’s cool to freely spread hate at anyone and everything for no reason at all


I know a few people that were on here early that didn’t have an audience because there weren’t enough people around their age but now…


I think its a good thing having them try out byte, with the hope that they stay. There is enough room for everyone on the app, and they might be able to bring more insight into new features/ how the app could work better etc


First, I wanna say I love the open mindedness of the previous replies, the negative things I see in people’s comments about tiktokers invading and whatnot isn’t representative of what the byte community is about. For the most part, we’re about acceptance and support towards good content that both creators and viewers enjoy, which I love.
So, I feel that tiktokers should be welcome too, and hopefully they’ll grow to love byte the way it is and just as much as we do, and maybe be inspired to make and support different kinds of content.


I don’t mind people from Tiktok on Byte, but they need to realize that Byte is way different than Tiktok.

To me, the way Tiktok runs on trends is like a popularity contest. You can get a good amount of views easily for doing a trend, but the best looking/most popular people doing the same trend you did will get the most views and followers overall.

Byte, on the other hand, is more of a work for your views thing. Most of the time, you have to put out good content that people are going to like and view a lot for you to get views and followers. You definitely get less views on Byte than you would on Tiktok.

Knowing this, I just don’t want Byte to turn into a mini Tiktok, but I always will welcome people from Tiktok if they understand the difference.


It’s very welcomed. Actually @dom was a huge advocate for telling everyone in byte to stop trashing tiktokers. I don’t personally care and I bet the vast majority of people on byte WANT people to come and stay with byte.

But byte and TikTok is not the same. It might have similarities but byte is building a community. Those of us willing to stick around through the good times and bad are gonna see a very beautiful result. Kinda bums me out when people check out byte for a day and compare it to byte and ditch it before giving it a real chance.


It just sounds like people joining a new app to me. Mix and mingle, try something new, idk


Let them stay in my opinion cos we are all human and eventually people change. Alsooooo they probably like the app and we make them feel welcome which a nice feeling to have knowing that people feel safe.

Sorry for the essay


yes :))

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i came here from tiktok!

here’s my take: there’s good and bad folks in this alt/gen z wave, just like any “group” on the internet will have. for the first week or so, it looked like byters and tiktokers just had to get used to each other. it was weird that young kids were trying to drive millennials off the app, but it’s also weird to classify all of tiktok as whatever someone dislikes about it. not everyone is mean, not everyone is looking for clout, and not everyone steals content. the same goes for kids who dislike millennials for whatever reason.

hopefully this “war” will die down soon and everyone can just live in peace on whatever app they like lol


Well luckily the algorithm and interface of byte works differently than Tik tok (which anyone migrating over can easily tell) so its Easier to curate your personal experience on byte based on what you follow/ like.

It’s important not to gatekeep what content people make (so long as it’s not harmful)- because everyone enjoys different things. So I doubt you will even see much content you don’t enjoy unless you seek it out yourself.


Feel like making a PSA byte.

Don’t like the content from this byter?

Don’t leave :radioactive::biohazard: :poop: comments!

Apply :point_up_2: to :iphone: screen and swipe :arrow_up:


I never said I was going to gatekeep any content. I was just stating there is a clear difference between Tiktok videos and Byte videos.


I say welcome, byte doesn’t need “gatekeepers”. The app was created to share in each other’s creativity, more people means more content being shared.


All are welcome. Everyone love everyone.


Hopefully they didn’t go to that large birthday party with Miss Rona running about.

That was only big creatorz