Tiktok vs byte

Tiktok being shutdown is the least of this apps worry’s, it needs to worry about how it will deal with the influx of newcomers that will come to byte (maybe) after or on November 12Th. The people coming to this app will hate it at first as when the first “tiktok scare” happened last month it showed the worst side of byte. It showed that it lacked features, it showed that nothing was done with the app. It showed that the community wasn’t as diverse as tiktok. It was just old vine users that grew up with vine and want to have a chance at fame on the app. Just like tiktok users. But the content that byte the byte community use to produce was stuck in the vine age. Hence why all the tiktok users wanted to make it more GenZ friendly. As byte was stuck in the “past” so to speak. Tiktok and vine as two major staples in history. I grew up searching “vine compilations” my kids will grow up watching “tiktok compilations”. All good things must come to an end at some point.


You’re a real ray of sunshine today!


Ya making a good point in that we should worry about the new influx of users and their initial opinion of the app, but if you love Tiktok and don’t want to see it go just say that :joy:

I may be bias but the way I see it Tiktok was never good. There’s good creators and audience but the app and a wide majority or creators and audience just didn’t make Tiktok good at all. Basically ruining my initial impression and influencing further impressions.

100% agree that changes should be made to the app to have more user retention. Not disagreeing at all. But we don’t have to rush it just for it to end up the same way Tiktok and vine did

Edit: I am bias seeing as how I use byte :joy:


But hey, that’s just my opinion :man_shrugging:t5:

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Let’s all have hopes Byte becomes the next thing.

I know people on Tiktok with big followings and they hate the app they only post because they know they will get views and likes. Some big tiktokers only want to save Tiktok because it gave them a name same with vine stars . Why would someone want to see an app that has given them money and popularity die. I personally could care less Byte in its current form is no match for TikTok and it’s 75 billions dollars net worth. Byte is an app that WE(Byte Creators) like because we loved vine. Byte is Byte not vine that’s why they didn’t name it Vine 2.
I honestly believe Byte will have it’s time. Byte has not had any advertising (and I completely understand the leaky bucket thing). If you have tried to tell someone to get Byte then you know that unless you have Byte or follow old viners you wouldn’t know the app existed. And once that person gets Byte they usually like it. The only complaints I get about Byte is that there isn’t enough people. We as people who continue to ride Byte need to just continue to do so that way when Byte does advertise or (if Tiktok gets Banned) the buckets won’t leak but rather overflows so much that Dom has to buy more unleak proof buckets.

Speaking of net worth what is bytes net worth anyway

that’s crazy

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I’m confused as to where the point of this post is


76 Billion

Reality is that any app that has a similar Vine format is going in bring Vine-like content. I’m still not sure what Byte content is “supposed” to be, so I just post whatever I find funny ha. Idk, doesn’t make sense to compare apps to others. Just have fun!