Tiktok users - devils or angels?

So we have all become victim to hate comments. The absolute IRONY of it is their profile. They’ll leave a fairy insult comment or whatever, then their whole profile is filled with 'Hey guys, I need friends on this app, have a great day".

It just BOGGLES my mind. Are we supposed to befriend them and show them to the light? Or report them?


hi! gen z tik tok transfer here, the fairy comments and the no❤️ stuff are just sarcasm and loose jokes don’t take them to harshly, we’re kinda lost because our safe space tik tok might be getting shut down so just give us a sec to adjust and find a new safe space


I just wish there’s less of the death threats and promotion of suicide in the comments.


A lot of us came here from Vine because it shut down, we like to keep it positive here though.


yeah i can’t rlly defend gen z there sorry bruv


I’m Gen Z too and I just can’t excuse this behavior. Byte was a safe space before tiktokers migrated and insulted every OG???


i think it’s cuz we all our used to our little tik tok hole and now everything is changing and different idk man



on alt tik tok we used to ALWAYS make fun of straight tik tok, and now there is no “straight byte”. so, MILLENNIAL BYTE IS STRAIGHT TIK TOK’S BYTE EQUIVALENT. :smirk_cat::smirk_cat::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::joy_cat::joy_cat:


oh jesus ur right i’m so sorry y’all

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i think devils can turn into angels if they’re shown why angels are beautiful.

this is goin in my poetry book


hi! i’m someone from tiktok and it’s just an all around joke on tiktok about millennials, also if we say thing like no❤️ or leave fairy comments were just making more jokes about Millennials because on tiktok it’s kinda a place we’re you can kinda pull people with that kid if stuff but everyone knows it’s a joke

  • Devils…?
  • Angles…?

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Here ya go… a poll

you guys are even going for other gen z’s tho lol


Because its not a contradiction…to them.
Let me explain. (Disclaimer: this is one optimistic take, by a Gen Z kid. I’m not condoning their behavior)

Gen Z humor means to things: the style of jokes and the pattern. The style is generally what older generations find confusing, but the pattern is more important.
Om byte, we had a progression from “This app sucks.” To “This isnt funny”. “There are so many millennials” “Millennials aren’t funny” “Millennials should leave” “Bully them off” “Kill all millennials”

Each step was lead by one or two but accepting by the masses as a ‘joke’. Now, some people will say they legitimately like just bullying millennials.

The fairy comments/heart no etc.are just part of the culture of tiktok. The thing is; it doesnt really have a place here. So they stopped doing it on each other.
It adapted to be able to be used against OG byters, as we’ve only seen it maybe a couple times in a screenshot or article.

I too, hate the contradiction. So many post talk about how its such a safe space were they can feel like posting anything; when they have taken that away from so many people. That is how I felt about byte 48 hours ago.

I’ve gotten a mixed bag; on one hand my humor isn’t really for most of gen z- otherwise, I would have been on tiktok. On the other, i’m not a mileannail. Plus, I found most the comments funny, and will basically always quip back (something I don’t exactly recommend, but in my experince it useally helps. I’ve talked people into followers, apoligies and in one case, a legit friendship on Instagram)

Again, does that make calling every person older than 24 a pedo okay? No. But its about pushing the line of what is and isn’t funny.

It’s a meme, and memes die eventually.


I feel I have been lucky due to my anonymous presence. I completely ignore the comments. I haven’t been told to die that I’ve seen.

I know the comments suck. I do believe it will calm down though.

I have gotten more interaction that I ever have. Like 100x more than the 80 I normally get.

Not really acute. Maybe obtuse. Very obtuse.

then again, Byte’s all about a safe and open arms community for anyone to enjoy. I agree that fairy comments are satire, then again, just don’t do it, y’know?

This reminded me how socially awkward people present themselves being too much to the other people in the room.


I am always too much… just quietly.

These aren’t jokes. If you actually liked the post you took a dump on you’d actually follow the person or leave a like. The majority of the comments take a dump on the posts and leave.

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