Tiktok TV advert

I was watching TV and saw a tiktok advert it was new to me. If byte did something like that it would be cool. Byte should advertise now while we still can it when the tiktok is banned in the state’s . If so byte can take over the state’s and spread worldwide since the states is the global hub of internet cultire


They stated a while ago advertising isnt a must at the moment. : /


I am so sick of Tiltok advertising. It pops up on everything like it is just trying to spite me. It is literally one of the only ads I see anymore, and when a tiktok ad popped up on Hulu I was done.

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That’s how they get us. They constantly advertise on my phone on YouTube until I actually download the app

i’m looking forward to the superbowl commercial of byte. that will be dope

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Those are really expensive but hopefully one day


hey if this app reaches a billion users it’ll defintely have the money for that. hype for byte