TikTok to start Monetisation this year

So tiktok is starting with monetisation like YouTube this year. No need for special partner or anything just small rule of minimum followers and likes. Byte should do this too


Links to those articles?


byte forums is lowkey becoming TT news update dump.


All the articles that I’m seeing are from last year or two years ago and it was just speculation that they might start monetizing. Nothing really set in stone about that. It appears like the only way people can make money on tik tok is if they get sponsors or brand deals. Kinda like how people made money on vine.


Yeah :confused: I get it though. We can’t talk about byte forever as there’s only a finite amount of things to talk about lol but we should try to stop comparing byte to other apps or at least try not to look at these apps as competitors. Tik tok can do whatever they want and byte has a different vision that isn’t 100% clear right now, but one day it will be so we just gotta wait and trust the process :metal:


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it’s not official yet with the monetizations but wondering how they’ll implement it due to durations on some videos.

recent article I found about the monetization comment: “While some have noted that monetization is difficult for TikTok given the short nature of its videos,…”


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Ayeee ty! I’m all for posting tik tok related news here, but we shouldn’t be constantly comparing the two apps in negative light lol. With that being said, that’s an interesting article and I wonder how this’ll turn out! I don’t believe there has been any other app to have a monetization program like YouTube so I wonder if tik tok will be the next to have one. Guess we’ll see soon!


You know like my one video got viral on tiktok India like 3 days ago and now every single video I upload is getting viral lol.


That article sounds like it’s about monetization for publishers, not content creators?

Or maybe trying to promote more sponsored videos by people on tik tok? It’s not super clear from this article to me. But if that’s it then I don’t see how that would make monetization available to everyone on the app unless you partnered with a company.

I couldn’t work with a business that doesn’t communicate changes well or give accurate numbers.

I changed it from off topic to YouTube & other services cause it seems like a better fit :+1:t3:


Now that TikTok will have monetization, we are losing one of our biggest advantages. But we still have potential and we are here to stay.

Here is what we currently have as an advantage to TikTok:

  1. We have a tight knit community
  2. No algorithm preference toward straight white good looking people.
  3. No CCP censorship
  4. Much less cringe in general, more mature
  5. More original/creative content on average, the goal is creative original content and not follower count numbers.
  6. If TikTok fails or gets bad publicity, we gain new users.

Unfortunately, while we on Byte don’t want TikTok to be a competitor. They are aiming themselves as a competitor and everyone outside Byte believes we’re competitors.

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As per my viral videos on tiktok recently. I have seen that the algorithm on tiktok is very good. I will tell you what they do. They push the video on for you page every single video and then till 100 views they will check if you get nice likes and comment or not if you get nice likes and comment and people love the video it stays on for you page and then as per likes goes on it stays more on the for you page. They don’t only push good looking people lol I am pushed right now and I don’t look good (just kidding I am the best) but honestly they are doing a very good job for making people watch only good content. They are taking our help for doing that but we don’t even know how. That’s smart move honestly


I feel like the point of byte isn’t monetization. If it happens, cool, but the platform should be stable before it goes to a general/view based monetization system, if ever.