TikTok Status

So, I’m not on TikTok (obviously), but I’ve heard people saying it’s starting to peak. Is that true, or am I just hearing rumors?


it might already reached to its peak.

I’d find articles and do research. Haven’t come across any articles or news that mentions that it’s starting to peak…

I mean people are bound to get bored of recreating someone elses content at 50% of the effort when it only took 10% skill to begin with right?


That’s what happened lots of times in Vine and once in Byte.

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What do you mean by peak?

Like it crested the most it going to go and start leveling off and eventually decrease?

Or that it’s growing rapidly since the lockdown and everyone home?

People say TikTok might surpass Instagram in monthly active users - right now, instagram is the biggest player in the social media arena (the best purchase Facebook ever did). Here’s a fun fact : Facebook offer to buy Musically but Alex Zu declined it and sold it to ByteDance which rebrand to TikTok. Imagine if Facebook would of gotten it.


Honestly, I’m glad that the offer was declined. FB = Big Brother :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure - Facebook would of been good for them but the guy that runs ByteDance is pretty brilliant.

When TT breaks into social commerce in the videos, it’s gonna spike huge - I know a few verified creators that got it already.


Meaning corona…

Oh - yeah, TikTok blew up after CoronaVirus and everyone in the states are at home - I’m assuming the numbers on Byte did as well.

My friend runs a educational online k-12 here and literally the membership grew 2-3x.


Facebook currently has its own short-video social media app to compete with TikTok (and Byte now as well) called Lasso.

This genre is very competitive right now and Byte has to stand out with features others are not doing, like this Partner Programme is really a great selling point for creators from all over the world to join and once they join, their followers from other platforms will follow them here.

Hopefully the app improves and becomes the best version of itself in no time so it can be mass adopted easily and fast :yellow_heart:


Lasso might be something they are gonna shelf - instagram Reels is their new hope to compete in short form video.

We all hope Byte would do well or else you and I won’t be having this conversation :blush::gift_heart:


Well, honestly, I do think that TikTok will be as much popular, as Instagram. Or even more. A year ago, I didn’t even heard about it, but for now every single friend tells me something about TikTok and trying to show videos from this social media. Someone tries to promote their channels, by using such services ( website: https://hypetik.com/buy-tiktok-likes/ ) and I think it’s great, when people can make their channels more popular. Why not?

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Tiktok is very popular in India and is doing better then instagram, Facebook and Snapchat in India right now

Byte is up next


It’s rather popular at the moment and is probably reaching or is at its peak. I can see an argument be made for it having been used more lately due to the global quarantine.

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It reached it’s peak in the first year, when people were cyber bullying mentally disabled and old people (lol jk, but some of the #acting duet trolls were funny)

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I think once the younger generation that’s currently using TikTok matures, that’s the peak. OR will they be replaced by the generation before them??? :thinking:

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They just recorded their best ever quarter with 315 million downloads, making them the most downloaded app. They also just passed 2 billion downloads. They’re doing quite well it seems.

I think it’s already hit it’s peak cause it used to be flooded with hilarious content.

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