Tiktok is nice but limited

So when it comes to humour on tiktok it can either be funny with a person using their own sound or it being funny with a sound that’s popular. The problem with humour from a sound is that everyone can copy that same joke and it gets boring . For example you like a sound so much that you look at similar people use my that sound but as you scroll down the same sound plays again and again and again like you’ve gone
mad. Then you get sick of it and stop listening.

With byte when you make one funny joke other people can copy it but it’s not a popular sound but a unique fingerprint that you’ve made which people can try to replicate and make a better version of or a failed version. In conclusion byte and tiktok aren’t really enemies because it they have a unique features with some flaws on each end


I am driven every day by the fact that I can bet better than I am every day. And when you limit me on top of that you do a badd thing lol. So trust me when I say I feel this post.


I agree — however, not just sound. Same dance as well & other talents gets copied. (e.g. joke, challenge,… etc)

Byte has a separate agenda hopefully it doesn’t end up similar route as it grows.

FYI, I’m not familiar with TT features…


Also a trend can get annoying cos when you scroll it’s the same thing over again


Yes; it gets too repetitive and I try to avoid trends sometimes


Oh yeah and there’s Charli damelio getting the hype which is crazyyyy




If you don’t like trends just click not interested.

my for you page has no trends and is literally just videos of people talking/making jokes.

tiktok has a lot of problems (censorship, treatment of minorities, etc) but i don’t think the app is limiting at all


It’s funny how you bring up repetitive humor, because I think that’s a problem on byte (before you get your keyboards, ready to type your counter-arguments, let me just say I’ve seen plenty of 90s SNL sketches, so I think I’m a bit of a comedy expert). Anyway, it seems like right now, most byters gravitate towards current events like the coronavirus (and ww3 a month or so ago) and use those subjects as similar setups for their jokes. I guarantee you that a fraction of all the bytes at the top of the comedy page are about the coronavirus (I just remembered that a lot of bytes are also meta bytes about the app itself, those are lowkey kinda annoying too). And, with all do respect, most of the jokes are usually “low-hanging fruit” jokes, or jokes that are easy to make and not very clever or “so absurd and exaggerated they’re funny.” That’s a problem with most if not all the bytes I see on the comedy page. Because of the oversaturation of bytes with the same set-ups (coronavirus and byte itself), there isn’t that much creativity and unique jokes in byte right now (definitely not as much as there was on vine, a single YT vine compilation can prove my point). I hate to sound like Simon Cowell and get on my high horse rn, but I’m honestly just waiting for the byte team to finish version 1.0 of the app and advertise byte so millions more viewers and hundreds more byters in the making discover the app. Those byters in the making (hopefully including me) will start posting on their accounts and gain more traction because they have a better understanding of how to make funny bytes (no offense to anyone here), and the current people at the top will be forced to improve their comedic skills and adapt or sink to the bottom (because news flash: positivity, a supportive community, and subpar humor won’t automatically make you internet famous)

(wipes sweat from my brow as I breathe deeply and exhale from exhaustion)

Sorry for the rant, I’ve honestly just wanted to vent my “frustrations” (for lack of a better word) about the lack of bytes that I personally find funny. I know I probably shouldn’t expect a bunch of random beta testers to be as funny or creative as Drew Gooden or Thomas Sanders, but considering the bombardment of positive reinforcement being given to all the top “comedy byters,” I feel a little outta the loop (pun intended). Anyway, thanks for listening to my Ted Talk, and make sure to go outside and give plenty of handshakes! :+1:


Imagine making a good video for TikTok that’s original and never been done before. Of course the video isn’t PG but it isn’t crude or extremely explicit either. It’s blowing up for about 20 minutes and then boom…TIKTOK takes it down. No shade on TikTok but it doesn’t actually value PURE content creator so. They’d rather you copy than be truly original even though your content is great. That’s happened to me 4 times on the app. That’s what I like about this app, I can actually be a PURE content creator


You said everything that I have thought of in my head and said it the way it is bravo