Tiktok is devolving back into musical.ly

So I was scrolling through the For youvpage on TikTok
(Dont ask) and ive noticed an upsurge of actual old school musical.ly type vids so what do you guys think do you think that this is possible?


possibly tuned recommendations? idk i don’t use tik tok :sweat_smile:


Perfect time to delete the app


Once byte comes out it will completely become what it used to be #ByteFam

:man_shrugging:didn’t expect anything much else. lol

“If it’s meant to be it will be, it will be tururururu”

If TikTok is devolving back into musical.ly, im not opposed to that. I preferred the older musically/tiktok videos!

I don’t know what to make of Tik Tok anymore. The algorithm is the weirdest I’ve ever seen. One little thing can make the difference in what gets views or not. Hope Byte is nothing like that

We have two options. Let tik tok turn back into a more karaoke type singing/dancing app so that it can be back to normal and not spread its cringiness to byte; let tik tok die before byte is released so that all the cringey tik tokers can go infect YouTube (like the ex-viners, especially the cringey ones like the Pauls), and not byte


Oh man the cringey Tik Tok Turning back to the cringier musical.Ly? Yikes


That’s good. However, I’m afraid that most of cringey tik tokers will infect byte. That’s why we must be very active at the beginning and not let this type of content prosper on byte.


I just started using Tik Tok regularly, and I’m not seeing as much cringy content as I expected honestly. Either I have terrible taste or because I haven’t used the app much, it doesn’t know what to recommend me yet, so it’s just showing good stuff.


can i just say

rip to this generation


Tik Tok seems to be going very far. I’m scared :fearful:

Omg same. When I started using it I thought it would be super cringey content, but there’s actually some good stuff on that app. Or maybe I also have really bad taste :joy:


One billion already?! :astonished::exploding_head:

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musically was better


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It never evolved in the first place