TikTok got reverse engineered and 😬

tldr; TikTok has your phone turn it’s head and cough with how invasive it is.

Reddit link


Saw that today on Reddit’s front page. I’ve been saying it for as long as I can remember – it’s spyware and a dataminer. It’s very pro-CCP and pro-censorship, and anti-LGBT, among other things.

Yet, nobody seems to care – meager likes and pseduo-internet fame feed lots of peoples’ thirst for exposure, and they’re willing to sacrifice data and dignity by any means necessary. That may not be every single one of its users, but the culture itself is increasingly toxic, and I, for one, want no part of it.


really wish people listened to this and stopped using the app. but they just don’t seem to care. a bunch of people in my family use tiktok, mainly kids and teens, they don’t listen and neither does their parents when i tell them. rip to the next generation.


It’s so absolutely bonkers and hypocritical for people to say they are pro BLM and yet use TikTok anyways even though they will ban you for speaking about it


This is also an interesting read about how TikTok failed at security mesures for its own event forcing them to cancel it 5 minutes in basically once again showing they’re not ready for change yet they try to make it seem like it’s all just trolls fault but they could of done more https://www.businessinsider.com/tiktok-pride-virtual-event-zoombombing-trolls-racist-homophobic-slurs-2020-6?amp