TikTok Creator Fund recipients announced

TikTok just announced the first recipients of their $1 Billion Creator Fund. It includes David Dobrik which seems like a waste, he’s already a millionaire.


Sorry, not sure who these people are or what they create


Can’t wait to have my application denied!

several of these folks already have a huge following and regularly get brand deals. it really does seem like a waste honestly


I’d have thought Charli would have been one of the first to get in ngl


I loved onlyjayus’ psychology videos. So happy to see her there :sob:

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It’s to keep them from jumping ship.


Same, but I think it’s 'cause she’s not 18 yet.

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David Dobrik’s name on there made me laugh I can’t lie. He already has sponsors coming out the wazoo


bruh why david- like :eye::eye: he is so famous and rich already

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alot of the people on the list are already pretty successful but I think @Kerbob97 is right, it might be to keep creators, and in turn, their viewers there.

But you know what would have been nice. Giving the opportunity to creators who got their start on there and need the money :upside_down_face:


guys when im CEO of tik tok imma change all that


I’d honestly lmao if I saw charlie

I know Kombucha girl, David Dobrik…and that’s it. It’s wild to me how these people with absolutely massive followings can be completely invisible if you’re not on tiktok, in a way that conventional celebrities aren’t.

There are a lot of conventional celebrities that I have no idea who they are. But I watch a lot of dance videos so I’m familiar with the dance world celebrities.

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Welcome to TikTok, where the rich get richer and everyone dances while the world goes up in flames

Screw that app, man. I have my own personal reasons for not using it anymore and it has nothing to do with their features. Their features are amazing as far as actually making stuff is concerned. And it’s not even about being “loyal” to Byte. I have some friends who are on there with a big following, are way more talented, and could really use the money.

They just suck as a company.


All TikTokkers are equal.

But some TimTokkers are more equal.

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i would’ve excepted diverse creators; they should have recruited content creators on the rise / small content creators to be included in the PP instead. most of the recipients already have sponsors / loaded already… great opportunity that went to waste. imo :tear:


I only wanted 10 dollars

This is fair enough. Less so now, but when I worked in fashion retail, you sort of learnt who was who by osmosis.