TikTok could be sold to American investors to avert US ban

Although not mentioned in the article, I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook or Google tried to buy majority stake in TikTok.

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Facebook buying it might at least insure we keep our alt crowd. They don’t want to be associated with boomers.

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at this point I’m convinced that TikTok might not get banned, it’s been weeks or so… month is almost over. politics play, ring around the rosie type of game (just a hype). at this point some investor could buy and it’ll remain but who knows!


Legislation takes a long time. Something talked about could take years. People for some reason think these processes are as quick as a social media post.

But I don’t think tiktok will Not be banned due to ways around it like you said.

Tiktok will need to agree to terms to stay online.

I mean maybe what was posted about tiktok leaking info was fake. You never know.


maybe, but instagram is owned by facebook and that didn’t affect it much

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True, but honestly it’s an entire different demographic. There will be quite a few who have already joined who will hear Facebook and flee.

Goal should be, prove we are better because we are. :laughing:


Right lol Facebook pfffftt