Tiktok banned in india (again)

A statement from the Head of TikTok in India.



Sounds like a great opportunity for byte to come in and gain a following there. :smiley::smiley::smiley::grin:


Nope brother we’re happy…!!!:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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i wish the uk gov would follow their footsteps😭 sick of seeing it here


TikTok is garbage. I hate it. Honestly, being a part of it makes me feel ethically conflicted, but it’s where my content is the most seen and where I have the biggest following. I feel as though I have to use it until a shift happens. I don’t want to be on TikTok. I feel bad for the Indian content creators that had a successful “career” on the platform, because now it’s been taken away. If YouTube was suddenly gone we’d hear from a lot of devastated content makers. Try not to celebrate too loudly or proudly, it stings even if it’s for a good reason that TikTok was banned.


Thats sucks that tiktok got banned in india. Have you guys ever watched indian tiktoks?! thats like next lvl shit :joy:

Now’s probably a great time to make byte available for India :thinking:

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that is a good point but imo i wouldn’t call it garbage. TikTok is a good app run by questionable people given its ties to the CCP, censorship, data-mining, among other things. but people just don’t care for some reason lol

for creators I think they have the responsibility of growing their other socials (insta, twitter, yt, etc.) sorta like how viners transitioned their content to instagram/youtube and diversified their content even before vine died. their careers never ended.

heavily relying on just one platform is just shooting yourself in the foot. you never really know when that platform will go. stuff happens spontaneously sometimes :man_shrugging:

I’ve promoted my other accounts and have tried to maintain them all separately. Nobody cares. I might just have bad luck but that’s my situation. :rofl:

Considering how many fables there are about people selling their souls to be rich, famous, popular etc.

Is it really a surprise people are willing to give up their privacy and personal data to be popular on tiktok?


exactly. tiktok’s algorithm has shown that theres a low barrier to entry to becoming popular on the app or have something go viral (which is both good and bad) but sadly people have become blindsided by fame that they’d be willing to give up anything to get it.

This does put a smile to my face.

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lol I thought about @ my man Furk on here but it appears the country has already started finding ways around this :joy:

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That’s crazy! :grimacing:

Also, just wanted to congratulate you on doing your name proud:


:joy: :joy: thanks

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It’s surprising that something is forbidden in our time.