TikTok and it’s downsides (and what we can all learn from it)

I know it’s late (who sleeps anymore) but I just came across a post by watchmojo as you’ll see in the photo

I downloaded the watchmojo app and checked out their video, and I feel that more people should see the points made. (In my fair opinion, one or two things could happen regardless, but most can be easily rectified).

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I poke fun at TikTok, I don’t hate the app (still tho I won’t use it just off principle). But what I do believe that this should be made well aware as reference for the future so we as creators and staff alike (hopefully) don’t make the same mistakes.

I’m just wondering, if you do see this video, what are all your thoughts are on this?

P.s: Putting this under YouTube & Other Services since it seems to fit best here.

P.p.s: I’m not intending to create toxicity through this, but just want to know everyone’s thoughts and opinions (just to state my intentions)




did it get taken down? cant find that video.

It’s on their app

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I’m very interested, but I won’t download an entire app for one video. If anyone wants to summarize?

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TikTok is Chinese spyware disguised as a social media platform due to being controlled by the Communist Party of China. They also censor the LGBT community because of this. TikTok mods also have guidelines for censoring people who don’t make the platform look appealing (“ugly” people, overweight people, short people, people with glasses, people with a cracking voice, mentally impaired people, physically impaired people, etc). How quickly toxic and dangerous trends gain traction (Skullbreaker, Seizure Challenge, that challenge where you literally run into a road and try not to get run over), how they promote what is literally a fuckboy type attitude, how rampant pedophilia is on the platform along with people flashing themselves, how a suicide was LIVE-STREAMED on there, and the first thing the moderators did was try to hide it from the media.

I’ve never seen a social media platform surrounded with so much controversy that HASN’T been shut down or banned. We need to do something about TikTok, and fast.


most, if not all, social platforms have had to deal with the same issues.

yt censors the lgbtq+ community, google maintains geo data, facebook live has had multiple homicides streamed…

i get it that no one likes tiktok, butt…people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.


not worth a download, watch any other “tik tok is bad video” and you’ll get the message

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The thing is that TikTok seems to be the most problematic as the Chinese government has access to data from over 800 Million people worldwide. Not just in America, but worldwide. That’s a major problem for national security. Google may sell our data to shady advertising companies along with Facebook, but the Communist Party Of China is probably doing a lot more sinister shit with that data.

So if the app wasn’t from China and instead was from a country like France or Germany, you wouldn’t really have issues with it? :thinking:


what type of sinister shit would they do?


The algorithm it just straight up doesn’t make sense. But I do like small features such as choosing thumbnails and hiding the replies to a comment.

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There would still be concerned, but this is China we’re talking about. Don’t think that they’ll try to use TikTok to seep up data from soldiers worldwide to see if they can get any possible intel they can on them.

Exactly what I said there above. China actually wants to become a world superpower over all, while France and Germany are less of a concern.

You forgot about the racist/xenophobic teens who use trends like “Hot Cheeto Girl” to promote stereotypical views on latinx women and ESPECIALLY black women. I made an entire Tumblr essay if anybody wants to read lmaoo

i respectfully disagree with your opinion.

i think we should stop talking about tiktok. negative attention is still attention.

Also, i think it would be best to take your energy and be creative: make a byte or positively contribute to the community. dont let negativity drain your energy.


You mean these type of memes?

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lol those are funny… but it’s like the POV ones where they’re in a class talking to the camera in a ghetto slang accent with those same hoop earrings, lipgloss, sleeked edges, long acrylics and bun. It’s like the VSCO girl trend

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Honestly none of the “ghetto girl” memes are racist. I even see white girls around my high school doing that shit ffs. It’s less of a race thing and more of a “basic bitch” thing, just like the VSCO girl thing was. The memes are just making fun of how annoying those girls are.

Perhaps controversially, I do visit TikTok quite often, but it’s only as a viewer and never to post. The sticking point I have with it is that a large quantity of its content is re-using other TikToks (either the audio or the concept). It creates a kind of echo chamber with the same memes being circulated constantly until you’re absolutely sick of watching them. With Byte, there’s definitely less content overall, but it’s a lot more genuinely considered and creative.