Tik Tok vs Byte

In the last post, people said that a Tic Tok vs Byte rivalry could be fun. How would you do it?


Byte would win !!!


There is no rivalry. They aren’t the same thing. That’s like saying the Chicago Cubs and the Green Bay Packers should be rivals.


Byte easy W


But if im being honest, I like tik Tok. have been posting on it for around 3 months now amassing close to 1,500 likes. I like how It can bring a community together through a “thread” of duets, it truly brings out the collective creativity of the community as a whole just starting with ONE singular video. I hope Byte is able to do something like this so the users don’t get detached from the community like what happened in V * * *.

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I feel that TikTok is meh. I posted for like 4 days and got about 2000 likes.

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Tik tok will die, that’s my prophecy.

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I mean that’s eventual for any social media… remember when people thought my space would never die? HA. it eventually will happen to every social media unless they all go corporate.

TikTok will just completely revert back to the musical.ly cheese whereas Byte will command actual short-form video content. Two different audiences IMO


I’m TikTok famous

This isn’t even a comparison. Like, Tik Tok maybe could be Byte’s little sister.

I don’t feel like tiktok can be actually directly compared to byte because tiktok is more like musical.ly’s inheritor more than vine. But as being said I don’t feel liking tiktok personally.