Tik Tok is Generation Z's App (poll)

Is tik tok generation z’s app? Drop your thoughts below

  • yes
  • no

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I’m Gen Z and I like byte better all these tik tok people don’t realize the full potential of byte and they’re going to miss a big opportunity


I tend to agree, but I kinda feel like I shouldn’t be voting here since I’m not Gen Z

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I’m a Zillenial, and I have to say that it may be the current trend among youngsters (that makes me sound old), but other apps will prevail. People will get bored of repetitive dancing and copy and pasted content. Byte is fun because you actually have to work for it.


I agree apps can co-exist but the idea tiktok is just dancing and repetitive content is just wrong lol. There is so much original content if your fyp is right. dancing is very small %, a lot of it is comedy.

tiktok fits gen z humour, because most of the content is created by gen z. if tiktok ‘gen zero’ or whatever u call them came to byte it would be the same kind of humour.

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Some Gen Z’s used :vine::clown_face:

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True, but most of them were teens when Vine was around. I know I was about 13 or 14 when I found out about Vine when it was about a year or two before its demise, and I’m 18 now.

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Here’s a little history with social media app in one statement : “All social media starts young and ages up”

Now, these are facts with Facebook and Instagram - I remember when u have to have a college email to get Facebook (u can say “ok boomer” to me) once they gain traction, they will age up. Look at vine, lots of users were younger and once became a thing, older users join.

What Byte has is a following from Vine so immediate you had older users join - so I bet the average age is around 18-30 on here.

So with anything, understand the past, cause it will tend to repeat itself.

Lecture over :joy::joy::joy: have a bless night, Henry


Fun fact, most generational groupings are just marketing terms that don’t actually reflect the reality of what age groups allegedly have in common. Generation Z isn’t real, Millennials are not real. The only one that’s arguably real are the Baby Boomers because they are named specifically after an actual large event in which many children were born. All the groupings were then placed around them for no real reason beyond arbitrary and subjective claims.

Source: I am an actual anthropologist. :laughing:


i feel like the demographic that tik tok belongs to the most is people born between 2015-2025. Idk we’ll see lol

i think everyone before 2015-2025 is not their demographic lol

ok boomer lol. On a more serious note I agree when it comes to video apps, things are aging up. I think with podcasts we’ll see a reverse trend with more young people wanting to listen to it with the popularity of devices such as amazon echo dot

hmmm interesting never knew that. i feel like if you were born before 2015 then tik tok aint for you lol

Here’s some other fact: 1 out of 6 people in US is on TikTok and TikTok has 60% of the active monthly users as Instagram (which is the king now). Snapchat ceo stated that TikTok could over take IG - so sleep well on those numbers :blush:

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I made a YouTube video about it if you would like to know more. :slight_smile:


that’s why i’ve also been on tik tok. Once a platform reaches at least 10 million users its time to take notice of it. Right now tik tok has a billion users and the only other platforms to reach that number now in the usa as far as i know are google, and fb. Tik tok aint going nowhere for now

If you only knew how I’m monetizing TikTok right now - DM me and I’ll tell you how I’m making money doing what I always been doing for free. :blush: Henry

Are you plushbeats on TikTok as well? Your account follower count is too low and won’t be worth trying to monetize it now - grow it more cause sponsorships pay on follower base and engagements :blush:

Oh, I wasn’t trying to be mean about your follower count - I just didn’t want u to waste ur time looking into something that won’t pan out / I’m just be frank :neutral_face:

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It’s all good haha. I’m still growing and figuring this algorithim thing. While trying to grow my email list off of tik tok as well. What’s your tik tok, I’ll give you a follow