Tik tok Ban Sunday

So news just came out about tik tok getting its ban Sunday, so of course this is exciting news for byte, but I have my worries…

This app could capitalize from this moment but a problem I see is this app being underdeveloped at the moment and people going to another app, I really hope Dom and the team start rolling these updates out quickly, and wish the best for the app!


its not gonna be fully banned

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yes, but if a deal is not made by 11/12/2020 tiktok will be fully banned. for now, it’s just download bans. they gave them a 2 month wall to get a deal so i’m pretty sure they’ll find something. but i do believe that byte will gain people because of the tiktok ban scare.

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I’d rather them not push out updates so soon. You may think it’s weird but I feel if they do that, people will just expect updates constantly. I figure the devs should wait a little bit of time after the possible, not definite, but possible new wave to hit so they can see how user retention will be. Plus it only adds pressure to get something developed by Sunday and I’d rather wait for something that works than something that breaks the usability of the app, which causes people to look to other places.

Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY am looking forward to the new updates. But don’t want the possibly risqués and repercussions :eyes:

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