Tik Tok Apologizes


I’m glad TikTok is getting flack for their heavy-handed censorship, but this will blow over just as all of the past revelations of their egregious censorship have been swept under the carpet and forgotten. And then when they get caught doing it again, we’ll do the same dance and clap.

TikTok is not sorry. They do not regret the “error.” They are not trying to help amplify the voices of black people or minorities on their app. They have actively tried to muzzle the voices of people of color, LGBT people, and other “undesirables” on their app. Many people have had their accounts shut down for no reason at all or over the smallest infraction. Their broad and extensive Community Guidelines make it so easy to get rid of people they don’t like by claiming “violation of community guidelines.” But they’ll never actually tell you which guideline you violated. Or why your account was shut down after your first and only infraction.

The only reason TikTok has put out all these statements is because they got caught red-handed, once again, censoring people based on their desirability, not their message or talent or humor.

It won’t stop. It won’t get better. Yes, there are prominent black and LGBT creators on the app, but they are only there and left alone so TikTok can point and say “see, we love the Gays/Blacks/etc.!” Not unlike Donald Trump holding up the rainbow flag and declaring that the gays loved him during his election campaign. It was complete hogwash.

I don’t accept TikTok’s apology, and I hope others see right through their charade and fake apology. They keep getting caught doing nefarious shit, and they keep apologizing once called out, but they never change their ways and never will. It’s easy to put out fake apologies and a small price to pay.

If you really care about the underhanded censorship of minority creators, you’ll shut down your TikTok account and delete the app. I know that may be hard to do. It’s addictive. You have tons of followers there. You get lots of likes (although most are bots) which gives you that dopamine rush. But unless people start putting action behind their words of support, there will never be any change or consequences for all their lies.


I deleted it. Thank you for sharing this.


Weasel words tbh


well said tom! i’m glad i’m not the only one who can see the facts. it’s 100% a fake apology.
please don’t fall for it guys.


You’ve convinced me, bruh. It’s finna get the DEL :triumph::selfie:t5:!

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