Thumbnail or Screenshot option for Vid Posts

I know that in vine the first thing you saw from a vid was the first image of the vid, the start of the video. Which is very common to see but it would be nice to have an option for a screenshot, custome image, or thumbnail to be posted along with the description of the video. This could allow some users to customize the video with a app image for comedy or drama or music, just as an example. Allowing for more freedom of customization to a person’s video would go a long way to keeping the artists interested and vested in the work they’re allowed to post.

I did do a few searches for this, and it may already exist, if so please move or delete this.


I’d rather move the video to where I want the thumbnail to be. I don’t want any clickbait.


Thumbnail is a great idea, but clickbait should be illegal. Please.


That would increase the possibilities of clickbait which is truly not wanted for a 6 second video.


Yeah I agree with the other people responding…there will already be enough clickbait with just suggestive frames being used as thumbnails, really no need to make it worse by letting people completely edit/customize thumbnails - only adds to the problem.

I can’t think of a reason where customizing a thumbnail really helps tbh, videos are 6 seconds

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It would be the creation of clickbait in V2, i think

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Creative idea but there will be a lot of clickbaits and that is not ok

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I think the same

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Totally agree with that for sure. In fact I think that should be something to look into. If a person created a image tag for their content that’s fine, but showing semi nude or “I can’t believe…” text to get a click is not acceptable. That being said these would be on an artists page to view so doing that for every video might get complaints and possibly strikes?


While I understand that Clikbait complaint, if someone can upload a video they can still modify that to put in an image right at the front of the video and make it clickbaity anyway. It’s gonna happen, it’s the nature of the beast. I think there should be proper venues to complain or notify devs or moderators to people who do this. Sure it would make it easier, but still doing it could be reported.

I do however get the negativity though, these have all been really great responses. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I didn’t mean to be negative. I guess what I’m saying is that just because they can do something by inserting the image into the video, doesn’t mean we should make it easier for that to be done. Like what I mean is that vines literally never need thumbnails:

  • Random Vines: Just have the face of the person in thumbnail - doesn’t need external editing
  • Design/Edits: Just have the frame of the design or edit - doesn’t need a separately edited thumbnail

Like comparing this to Instagram, the only videos on there with specially made thumbnails (that are inserted into the video) are just the clickbaity type anyway. I think when the videos are so this short, thumbnails will probably only be used for clickbait.

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Clickbait sucks, I didn’t think you were being negative at least not towards me. These are great ideas. My only issue is that clickbait is going to happen, so why hinder creativity by lessening options for artists just because there are bad eggs.

I like the ability of options, and ability to lock down what I like once I’ve found my own path. IF there are options, people will exploit, but that means not having those options at all? These are all possibilities anyway and not implemented, but I still feel frustrated by how it’s made us all feel.

That’s just my question, I don’t want clickbaiters ruining possibilities for genuinely epressive artists. I’m really digging the forum, these are great ideas and constructive comments/crits. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with all the comments about clickbait in custom thumbnails. Just have a look at YouTube to see how this can get out of control.

The only problem is, it still happened on Vine because it wasn’t that hard to accomplish the same thing by making sure the first frame of your video was the image you wanted to become the thumbnail, which is how Vine worked. And then when Vine gave everyone the ability to upload videos, it became even easier. Because Vine essentially shaved off the first frame of the video to create a smooth loop, you only saw that first frame the first time the video played. Eventually everyone figured this out and it was exploited by many of the top Viners and others.

So you may as well make it easier for everyone to do the same by allowing uploaded custom video thumbnails the way you can do on YouTube. Just make it a level playing field from the beginning, then have a policy that if someone uses an obvious click-bait thumbnail image that has nothing to do with the content, the video can be flagged as spam.

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That would actually be a really great function. It’d be a nice middle ground too.

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I do agree. I don’t like clickbait all that much but, I do like the idea of thumbnails. If we do have thumbnails can we please have the mods crack down on it. I understand it would be hard to do so.

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