“Three Dots” Relocation Request

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but would moving the “three dots” farther away from the follow/unfollow button be out of the question?

I’m not sure if the unfollow glitch is even a thing still (or was), but I’ve accidentally unfollowed people because I have zero coordination when pressing buttons that are located close-together.

It’s happened quite a few times, and this would save people from awkward situations.

Another alternative would be a warning screen pop-up for when you press “unfollow”.

Just a few thoughts to consider…


I think the dots are in a fine place, I just think we could do with a confirmation before unfollowing. I’ve unfollowed the same people a few times by accident and every time I follow again I’m like well now they’re gonna think I never followed them.

The dots are just as far apart as say the notification button on twitter, but the difference being that you can’t just accidentally unfollow people since it makes you confirm it (at least on mobile)


It’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. Seems like a simple fix regardless of how the byte team solves it. The app design can always be improved at the end of the day

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It happens to be me a lot, and it makes sense to implement. I accidentally unfollowed people and I didn’t re-follow cause it would’ve awkward. I usually wait and reflow later depending on who I unfollow accidentally!

Ow that explains a few things😂
but as a note… I am personally not a mad person about unfollow me because who i am to judge other peoples interests :woman_shrugging:

is this only on iOS?