Threads about low engagement or inactivity

They’re really tired, often negative, and unproductive. There are commenters on these types of threads who produce zero content, but see fit to be critics about nearly everything that happens on/with the app. A certain amount of criticism is healthy, but some of you live in it. With the time you spend you could be making something cool.

Some of it has to do with dopamine & conditioning. While other apps reward even the most middling of content/effort, Tiktok is a slot machine, even if you put a nickel in, you are likely to get something. Byte for the most part, is organic, it rewards quality and engagement.

The forums are a great place and we are lucky to have them, but it can be easy to get mired in cyclical thinking, and negativity. It’s happened to me. But there are only so many convos you can monitor and feedback you can get. Go make something.


Where’s the “not interested” button when you need it? :sweat: @dom

Ive been muting any inane and overly negative topics I see and the forums a ghost town without them haha :confused:

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The forum has also been pretty quiet anyway

I figured as much

Alright mate a bit harsh, but you do make a good point, this should also be implemented into byte videos to help the algorithm

Just wanna keep quoting this extremely important note that a majority of people on the forums seem to not understand or forget quite often.


What are you talking about? And to who?


I assume me but not sure what I said??

Thanks for this @onkelchrispy you’re a beacon of light and inspiration. I mean that sincerely!


I think it’s fair to be critical of bytes performance and the content itself,

Unfortunately, all the criticism from the negative forum topic themselves isn’t constructive. It’s usually just poorly thought out and poorly written.